No Joke, No More Smoking at National Parks

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I love a good April Fools joke, but there will be no fooling around when it comes to smoking next April 1 (2014). That’s because Taiwan is stepping up its fight against tobacco with plans to prohibit smoking at all of the country’s national parks.

According to the Health Promotion Administration, national parks and landmarks will prohibit smoking completely. While some parks and scenic areas will designate smoking sections for those dying for that nicotine fix, most will not. And if there aren’t labeled as smoking zones, tough cookies, you can’t smoke anywhere on the site! Those that violate the new law will be fined anywhere between NT$ 2,000 – NT$10,000.


It’s unknown how well the Taiwanese government will be able to persuade people to give up their habit and enforce the new law considering there are always special circumstances (think Mainlanders and KTV). Also, there is always that general unconcern for the law, especially the farther you get away from Taipei. Some may think this is a drag, but at least it’s a positive step forward for all of the healthy people out there, as well as for the environmentalists and Taiwan itself.


Warning:Smoking causes children

So save your cash and enjoy your views of the breath-taking wilderness and don’t smoke cigarettes in the natural scenes of Taiwan. Keep Taiwan clean and, especially, keep Taiwan sexy!

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Author : Lewis Clark


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