Ya Ge Leather Accessories (雅格皮件)

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Zhong Shan Undergrond Mall A6 | Dong Qu Underground Mall 22-2

We’re not usually attracted to the market boutiques in Taiwan. Though there are many different shops with inexpensive clothes and different styles, we find those styles to be rather…unappealing. Also, many of the smaller shops simply rebrand and repackage the same clothes you can find in Wufenpu for less money. However, that’s not the case for some places like YaGe, a dotcom turned brick-and-mortar which offers high quality, Taiwan-made canvas and leather bags. Did we mention they are well-priced as well?

The Bags

While the the style of these bags won’t suit everybody, we’re guessing most people will be able to find something to their liking among close to 50 different models. Many of the bags still have somewhat of a cute Taiwanese look to them, but there are still many great-looking styles to choose from. And some of them are downright cool.

As for the build of the bags, there are many options to choose from for both genders. There are the standard large-purse type bags for women, waist-strapped and leg-strapped bags, as well as multi-functional bags. The multi-functional bags can easily be altered to different carrying options. For example, one bag can be carried as a backpack, a messenger bag, and a normal hand-held.


All of the bags are made of really nice canvas, which is thick and durable. Also, the “leather” part of the bags may only be for design trims and accents, but the leather is taken from a good thick hide, and won’t just rub-away like so many other brand-name leather bags.

The real winning quality for these bags is that they come with extra functions and space. All of the bags come with many pockets specifically made for mp3 players, cellphones, glasses, stationary, drink bottles, makeup, umbrellas, etc. and most even have a hidden pocket on the back where you can keep money or other valuables. Furthermore, many of the bags come with extra straps or clips so you can adjust the size or look.


Last, but not least, the bags are extremely fairly-priced for the quality. The newest models cost anywhere from NT $1500 to $3000, whereas the others are usually NT $1000 or below.

The Store

We have to admit, when we first saw the store in the ZhongShan Metro mall (under Taipei Main Station), we weren’t entirely convinced that it wasn’t just another common vendor. As YaGe a local brand, they still have some work to do towards marketing and appearances. However, after looking at the bags, we could tell right away that this place was ok.


The main reason for the appearance of the store-front is that YaGe is mostly an online store. The YaGe website offers the full range of products with discount prices. Furthermore, many of the sales actually take place outside of Taiwan in places like Japan and Korea.

There are two IRL stores in Taipei and they both offer a decent range of bags:

ZhongShan Metro Mall #A6

DunHua MRT station in DongQu Underground mall #22-2

The manager who spoke with us was very friendly and helpful. He knew everything about every bag in the store including how many pockets they had, what the functions were, and the prices. He also made sure to speak to everyone even when the store was packed with customers.

Wrap Up

We really like these bags here. Even though YaGe’s bag styles and store appearance still need a bit of refining, the fact is that the bags are locally made, high quality, good-looking, extremely functional and well-priced. It is just nice to find nicely-made products in Taiwan and we hope the trend will catch on more frequently. If you are in one of the two areas and you are looking for a bag, you should stop in to have a look for yourself; otherwise, hop on to the website to see the entire product line.

For more info, make sure to check the tabs up top.


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