WuFenPu (五分普)

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Song Shan Road, Alley 149, XinYi District (There are four entrances)

Cheap clothing is not hard to come by in Taiwan, but if you don’t wanna search it out shop by shop, then your best bet is to head on over to the Wufenpu wholesale clothing market. From youthful designs to clothes for the severely aged, Wufenpu carries all styles of clothing in bulk, making easy to find quite a few low to medium quality goods for semi-decent prices. The catch? You’re gonna have to barter your way to a good price.

The Clothes

While you can find almost any style of clothing here, you are mostly gonna run into trendy clothes, some of the most popular styles being Korean and Japanese. There are hundreds of shops to choose from, and they all carry similar or the same exact things, so it is good to walk around and do a price comparison before you buy.


Most of the time you are going to find clothes that are wearable, but cheaply made. By that we mean, the stitching, material and fit are at the kind of quality you would expect from products made in China and shipped in bulk. Furthermore, because the area is for wholesale, the vendors do not list the prices and will often try to scam an unknowing buyer into paying much more than he/she should. So if you go, be wary and friendly and don’t be shy about haggling, especially if you are buying more than one item.

The Environment

Wufenpu is market within a block of residential buildings, making it enclosed and covered for much of the area. This means much of the market is open even during the worst kind of weather. Like any market in Taiwan, it is packed with lots of people, vendors, and food (although there is less food than most places). There are many alleys and areas with different kinds of clothing styles. There are supposedly sections with specific clothing items, but everything is so packed and disarraying that it is better just to get in there and sort it out yourself.


Wrap Up

Despite Wufenpu carrying low-grade clothing, there are plenty of awesome things to be found in the area, and you will get a better price than from most shops in Taipei, especially considering many of those shops also purchase from Wufenpu. If selected carefully, the clothes will last you long enough and you are pretty sure to find something that fits your style in this huge market.

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