What NT$15,000 Rent Gets You around Taiwan and Asia

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Recently while looking for houses in Taipei I started thinking to myself, like many of us probably have, “I wonder what kind of awesome deals I could find around Taiwan for the same budget.”

So I did some digging around Taiwan’s major cities, and then thought while am at it “Why not check out other places in Asia?”

So…Looks like I’m moving to Danshui:

To keep everything as close as possible, I set some conditions to follow (when possible):

– Around NT$15000 (give or take NT$2000)
– Furnished
– Not sharing any part of it
– Have a stove or hotplate (or space for one)
– At least moderately modern
– Convenient (close to city center or metro)

Here’s what I found, from the bottom up!

Kaohsiung 高雄市 – NT$15000


Location: Nanzi District 楠梓區
– 2 Bedroom, 1 Balcony
– Very large 32 ping layout for the price

Not bad! This place is pretty nice and really large for the price, although it’s pretty typical of Taiwanese design and quality. Moving on~

Tainan 臺南市 – NT$17000


Location: Anping District 安平區
– 2 Bedroom, 2 Balcony
– Pretty roomy at 28 ping

Tainan is always a nice eclectic mix of traditional and modern. This place is NT$2000 over budget, but look at that view!

Taichung 臺中市 – NT$16000


Location: West District 西區
– 1 Room
– 18 Ping

Well at least the bathtub is nice. Actually I’ve seen some nice places in Taichung, but apparently they are all taken. Disappointing as Taichung is a really cool place to chill.

Xinzhu 新竹市 – NT$17,000


Location: North District 北區
– 2 Bedroom Loft
– 15 Ping

Diggin’ the loft, the pop-up table and the Mickey Mouse bed sheets, but it’s killing my budget.

New Taipei 新北市 – $NT15000


Location: Danshui 淡水
– One room apartment
– 16 ping

It’s not huge, but it’s beautiful. If you don’t enjoy the rooftop garden and the indoor swimming pool, then perhaps you will enjoy the giant batch tubs over looking the mountains. When can I move to Danshui?

Taipei 臺北市 – TWD $15,000


Location: Zhongshan District 中山區
– One studio loft
– 7 ping

It’s small, though it has everything I want for the right price. But I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the design!

But if you’re dreamin of other places, then here are some more cities around Asia:

Beijing – NT$14500


Location: Baiziwan 百子灣
– 2 Bedroom

Shanghai – NT$15000


Location: Jingan District 靜安區
– 1 Bedroom

Seoul – NT$13763


Location: Jung-gu District
– 1 Tiny Bedroom

Hong Kong – NT$15000

hkhomeHK 591

Location: Kowloon 九龍
-1 Tiny Studio
– No Furniture

Hong Kong is so expensive…I guess it isn’t really surprising

Tokyo – NT$15471


Location: Shinjuku
– 1 Studio Apartment
– 16m²

Bangkok – NT$15000


Location: Ekkamai
– 1 Bedroom
– 35m²
– New building with pool and Gym

This is an awesome place..! No wonder so many people choose Bangkok to retire!

Manila – NT$15000


Location: Paranaque
– 1 Bedroom, 1 Balcony

I guess South east Asian countries like to show off with their swimming pool ;p

Of course, it all depends on the timing and luck when it comes to finding a great place, but now you have a pretty good idea of what you can find next time you move! Good luck!

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