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Chances are that you’ve explored a large part of this beautiful island and absorbed some of its breathtaking scenery. There are a lot of unique things to explore in Taiwan because of its diverse climate and geography such as Sun Moon Lake, Taroko Gorge or the Kenting Beaches. But perhaps some of the greatest landmarks remain unseen to most, being that they are underwater.

The Tropic of Cancer happens to run directly through the south of the island, making the water temperature beautiful for most of the year and inviting thousands of scuba divers to gain a whole new perspective of Taiwan. While recreational scuba diving isn’t something that is advertised too much up in the north of the island, in the south, it is a completely different lifestyle.

During the summer, you can find a large community of divers waiting to check out some amazing dive spots.


This lion fish was photographed during the summer months in Kenting last year. Thanks to the sub-tropical climate, the sea around Taiwan is teeming will all sorts of aquatic wildlife.

Most scuba diving in Taiwan is done in Kenting or the surrounding islands. The water surrounding Kenting is a vast underwater playground with thousands of species of coral, fish, sea turtles, mussels, squid, and more. If you’re keen on traveling a little further than Kenting, you can go to Green Island, Penghu, Orchid Island, or DengJi. These Islands don’t get as much traffic, which gives divers a chance to see bigger mammals such as sharks and dolphins.


The easiest way to plan a scuba diving excursion is through a dive shop. The shops have their own boats and will take you to the best locations whilst providing you with any equipment and additional training that you may need. Another benefit of diving with a shop is that there will always be a dive master or an instructor accompanying you in the water to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.


Although scuba diving is a relaxing hobby, there is a lot that you need to know. Most dive shops won’t take you on an excursion unless you have your open water certification through PADI or an equally accredited diving association. Fortunately, courses are offered frequently throughout Taiwan. You need to get your Open Water certification which allows you to dive as deep as 60 feet. This level of certification is more than enough for you to enjoy the ocean surrounding Taiwan. Most reefs and marine life loiter around 35 feet, making it easy for beginner divers to explore.


If you want to get some more information on certification, popular locations,  dive shops, dive partners, you can check out these websites.

Taiwan Dive – Information on dive sites, courses, and other recreational water activities. 

Taiwan Scuba – Information on diving hostels, courses, dive locations, and a user forum to help answer any of your specific questions about diving in Taiwan.

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