Tom Cruise Brings Oblivion to Taipei

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tomdavid*Thanks to our friend David Tsai for the awesome pics!

In preparation for Tom Cruise’s new movie “Oblivion” opening in theaters this month, the cast of the future-based sci-fi has been touring around the world in an effort to draw attention to the film. On April 5th, Tom and crew stopped into Taipei for a three-day romp through the city, meeting with excited fans, taking in the sights and even stopping at DinTaiFung (鼎泰豐) to learn how to make Xiaolongbao (小籠包).

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Accompanied by co-star Olga Kurylenko and director Joseph Kosinski, Tom spent a full two hours meeting with fans, shaking hands and signing autographs before the Taipei premier. In his usual jovial and down-to-Earth manner, Tom seemed very happy to be back in Taipei for his third visit, last coming in 2001 for his “Vanilla Sky” premier. In fact, Taipei was the only stop on the actor’s Asian tour as he made his way back to LA for a date with the red carpet on April 10.




Also starring Morgan Freeman, the film is based on the comic book “Oblvion” in which 60 years after a war with aliens, the Earth has become a wasteland, leading humanity to live in cities floating far above the surface, scavenging artifacts from the “ancient” cities below. One day after rescuing a young woman named Vika from a downed spacecraft, veteran Marine Jack Harper (Tom) discovers the truth behind the war and the new civilization he lives in.

The film is scheduled for release in Taipei on April 11(Thurs)!

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