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*see article for two locations
02 2365 3051
Mon-Fri 11:00-23:00 | Sat-Sun 11:00-24:00
NT $130-250 avg.

What can we say about Toasteria, other than the panini style sandwiches and homemade fries are absolutely delicious. Maybe we could talk about the on-tap, ice-cold Stella, or the fresh choice of flavors like salmon, grilled cheese, Mexican chicken, etc. Is your mouth watering yet? Well, it should be.

The Food

If you haven’t caught on already, Toasteria is a unique restaurant that specializes in one thing: a variety of high quality, delicious panini sandwiches. Almost the whole menu is dedicated to different flavors of panini, making it a good fit for almost everybody. You can also get it the sandwiches in a set with french fries, tartar sauce, a drink and pickled vegetables (also delicious).

The sandwiches average about NT $170 and the set costs another NT $90. Toasteria also offers salad dishes which are quite good, but not quite as interesting as the sandwiches.

The Drinks

Toasteria provides a nice variety of drinks as well. There are bottled beers, along with Stella on-tap, a couple of mixed drinks, and very nice Irish or Kalua coffee.

The restaurant also has a special drink called Kalimotxo, made with red wine, coke, and “a squeeze of fresh orange.”

The Environment

Toasteria isn’t really designed in any particular way, it’s just cool. With a semi-grunge yet clean look, it just seems to fit the restaurant really well. Also, it has a very nice, very large bathroom. In fact, the bathroom could probably be cut down for extra seating (but we aren’t complaining!).

After the closing of the Shida (師大) Toasteria, there are two locations in the East Area (東區)

ZhongXiao (忠孝).
No. 2, Lane 248, Zhongxiao East Road, Sec. 4
(02) 2731-8004

Dunhua (敦化)
No. 3, Lane 169, Dunhua South Road, Sec. 1

Wrap Up

Toasteria is one of the most well known restaurants in Taipei, and for good reason. It’s got a unique style and  flavor, and the quality is always top notch. With filling food and a comfortable atmosphere,  it’s no wonder so many people recommend a trip to Toasteria.

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