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No. 200, Section 4, LuóSīFú Rd, B1
02 2930 0162

Live music fans rejoice! There are a lot of artsy places to hear indie and foreign bands in Taipei, but the one of the most renowned music establishments is The Wall Live House. Known for having a variety of performers from many genres, including the heavier of the rocks, The Wall is one of the best places to hear lots of different music. But that’s not all. It also includes an indie record store, a bar, a tattoo parlor, and The Ball.

The Wall

The Wall itself is in the basement at the very end of a hallway and through a big heavy door. Inside the concert room, there is lots of space. The Wall has a platform for the tables and observers as well as a decently sized dance floor to get your groove on…or stand motionlessly on.


dancing maniacs

The Music

The Wall caters to a lot of students, so there are always shows from lots of indie Taiwanese bands and student bands who are just starting out. Of course, there are also foreigner bands who get to show off their skills as well. Usually in one night, 3-5 bands will get to play 3-5 songs in the hope that they can win over a couple new fans before the show is done.

In addition to the newbies, The Wall also often has some of the bigger indie bands in Taiwan come and play a full show. The music from these bands varies in genre, and some of them are really surprisingly good. Some of the bigger groups include Matzka and Tizzy Bac.

The Wall also gives lots of indie foreign bands the chance to bring their sound to Taipei. Many of the bands are from Japan but there are others from all around the world. One of the most notable being The Rumours.

Viva Life's singer Leon

White Wabbit Records

Also sitting within The Wall common area is White Wabbit Records, a record store as well as one of the biggest players in the Taiwan indie scene. In fact, WWR was the first group to invite American indie band Explosions in the Sky to Taiwan in 2002.

The store stocks most, if not all of the most well-known indie music in Taiwan, and the rest of the world. Furthermore, the company continues to be very involved in the indie scene, even supporting some of its own bands. If you wanna get the low-down on the local music scene, there is no place better than WWR.

Free Hugs

For those of you that like to get your drink on when listening to a live show, you won’t be disappointed at The Wall. Around the corner from the concert room, there is a nice little bar somehow appropriately named “Free Hugs”. Offering a good range of both hard alcohol and beer, it’s a good place to hang out and meet people while you are waiting for the show to start.

Prices are a little bit pricier than other student spots, but they aren’t too bad considering it’s the only bar around. And we found it nice that people can sit at the bar itself, or in a small room with comfortable seating.

J’s Tattoo

If you don’t quite feel rock & roll enough yet, you can also visit J’s Tattoo parlor also sitting within The Wall. We have never gotten a tattoo here, nor do we know anyone who has, but we’d assume that they are doing well for themselves considering they are sitting within one of the biggest live houses in Taipei. Plus, it just looks cool!

The Ball

With so many things going on inside The Wall, how could there be any more? Well, wait for it…. inside this awesome house of music also waits the Ball. If you have a band and no place to play, then The Ball is here for you. The Ball has a number of practice rooms that provide amps and mics, as well as a full sized practice room that includes a full drum set. The prices are cheap and get cheaper the longer you play for. It’s a convenient spot to meet and practice for your soon-to-be-famous band.

Wrap Up

The Wall is not the only live house around, but without question, it is one of the best places to get into the indie scene in Taipei and Taiwan. With so many services, it’s a nice place to hang out even when there isn’t a show going on. If you are looking for creative music, then you’ll most likely find it here.

To check out the upcoming concerts take a trip to The Wall’s website.

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