Taiwan, the Apple of China’s Eye

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In another bit of news coming out of the film industry, Taiwan’s You are the Apple of My Eye won the award for “Best Film” in a new category created specifically for “Mainland China and Taiwan”. The film, written and directed by Giddens Ko (柯景騰), beat out four other movies in the same category, including two more Taiwanese movies Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale and Starry Starry Night.
You Are the Apple of My Eye has been extremely successful both locally and internationally since it was shown for the first time at the 2011 Taipei Film Festival. Since being officially released in theaters in August 2011, the film has achieved some unprecedented records such as having the highest opening weekend earnings for a Mandarin film in Singapore, and being one of the highest grossing October films ever released in Hong Kong, making more money in four days than Infernal Affairs 2(2003). The film has also done well inside Mainland China, where it took over the Cape No. 7 (海角7號) spot for most the successful Taiwanese movie.

The film, which only cost about NT$50,000,000 to create had earned NT$723,944,353 by the end of its box office career.

To see more info, check out this article from China Post. The official website for the film is here.

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