Taiwan Steals the Show: Emmy for Formosa

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You may have seen a few weeks ago that the popular public TV show Travelscope won an Emmy for an episode that featured Taiwan. From the articles going around the web, it was somewhat of a big deal that something focusing on Taiwan could win the coveted TV award. However, it was also somewhat difficult to understand what kind of content constituted “Emmy-quality”…until now! Because now you can watch the full episode for free online!

The host, Joseph Rosendo, had brought his show to Taiwan once before with an episode on the “Culture of Tea”. While that episode was also nominated for an Emmy, it didn’t quite make it. However, on his last trip to the island in 2013, he aimed to show Taiwan’s amazing take on the Chinese Lantern Festival which was happening in Xinzhu at the time, as well as show everyone the beauty of Pingxi sky lanterns. The episode apparently struck a nerve with those dishing out the prizes, and the show was awarded a Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Host in a Lifestyle/Travel Program”, most likely due to Joseph’s ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures.



Joseph said that Taiwanese people are wonderful in that they can be themselves, share things with other people and let others into a part of their lives. Apparently there is also another episode scheduled to take place in Taiwan, focusing on the railway system that Joseph briefly touched upon in the last episode.

Whether or not you appreciate the show, the Emmy award or what Joseph has done, this is a big win for Taiwan. Especially for its tourism industry which has been tirelessly trying to attract visitors from other countries.

To watch the full 30 minute episode, visit this site here. While some of it is common knowledge to those of us living here, you may learn something new!

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  • Robert

    Cool! This is always welcome for the increasing taiwanese tourist industry.

    • ttdude

      For travellers wanting to take part in really cool culture, art and nature, Taiwan is pretty damn good! 🙂

  • sleeplessinva

    I miss Taiwan.

    • ttdude

      Come back! 🙂

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