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台東市中華路一段420號 | 420, Section 1, Zhonghua Rd., Taitung
24 hours


The Z Hotel, located in the heart of Taitung City, on the surface is a pretty typical business hotel. The design is modern and I thought it looked very nice, with a great atmosphere and style. There is a lobby, the rooms, and a dining area on the top floor….you know: the basics. But it wasn’t the design or the comfort that struck me the most about the Z hotel. What I was deeply impressed with was the staff, and especially one guy in particular:


Leon Tsai is the manager of Z hotel, and he is an amazing host to say the least. We were late arriving on Chinese New Years Eve, and had expected to find a nearly empty hotel on arrival, but that wasn’t the case. Even though it was after hours, and Leon was supposed to be eating dinner with his family, there he was waiting for us in the lobby, making sure that we had arrived safely and even sticking around a little while longer to help us plan a list of destinations to check out during our stay in Taitung!


This was was an enormous breath of fresh air. We are used to staying in B&Bs when we travel, which means we get to meet a lot of wonderful people. But to find that same amount of hospitality here with Leon, we were absolutely ecstatic.

He had pointed out to us that the Taitung Ocean Park was just a 10 minute walk away, as well as a lot of other scenic spots in the area. So we were already planned ahead for the morning when we set about exploring the area.

Breakfast time!


The next day we had been out early to start filming and once again we were late coming back (seriously, why are we always late). We missed breakfast, but that wasn’t a problem. Leon made a call and we were up in the dining room with a fully prepared meal waiting.


Even the cooks greeted us happily as we arrived, and we had a good chat with them while we dug into our feast. And I have to say, it was the best hotel breakfast I have had in Taiwan, especially Southern Taiwan. You had your typical Eastern/Western mix, but the quality was outstanding. There were a variety of really good breads and confiture, as well as cheese and meats and a number of other delicious items (Still no cereal and danishes though…I can dream).

Wrap Up


Heading into Z Hotel, we didn’t expect more than a greeting as we were led to our stereotypical business-style room. What we got was so much more. Though I would normally skip a “hotel” review and recommend staying at “such and such B&B” in the area. The friendliness and hospitality we encountered at the Z Hotel is reason enough to recommend a stay here. Leon is an incredibly nice and helpful guy who will go out of his way to make your trip great. And my stomach completely recommends the breakfast as well! If you are in Taitung looking for a place to stay, the Z hotel is a reliable, comfortable spot!

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