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700 台南市中西區信義街108巷 | Lane 108, Xinyi 2nd St, West Central District, Tainan City


A friend of mine posted about the gentrification of Taipei, in that people refurbish old buildings by turning them into cafes. And when I discussed this idea with Chris, he said that he liked how the southern part of Taiwan gentrified old buildings and areas in that the owners of the buildings maintained them, rather than knocking them down and rebuilding. And I completely agree. Enter: Stay Nice Home in Tainan.

Why Stay at the Nice Home?


Stay Nice Home is a remarkably well-kept old building located in one of the many small alleys of Tainan. It has been refurbished into a pleasant hostel while offering all of the modern amenities. Because it’s tucked away, far from the noise of the city, this room is perfect when you’re looking to relax. It comes with a very nicely-sized room depending on which you choose. We had three beds in one room. There is also a very clean bathroom and shower, and Japanese-style beds with 10-20cm thick foam bed mats. I personally prefer these soft/firm mats but a lot of people may opt for something more springy.


I really appreciated the decorations on the shelves in the room as well. Additionally, there’s a common area with plenty of space for you and your friends to relax and recap on the day in Tainan.

Preserving Taiwanese Culture


I was thoroughly impressed by the log roof which was painted over to match the white walls, the wood floors and how neatly everything was arranged!

While I stayed in the Stay Nice Home Hostel, I felt at home. Everything was cozy and within an arm’s reach away, yet I had a lot of space given the fact I had 3 roommates.

Wrap Up

staynicehallTainan is sometimes a hugely missed place in Taiwan and it shouldn’t! There are tons of hot springs, museums, scenic areas and temples! Stay Nice Home is a very reasonably priced stay, pretty central within the city and overflowing with charm and culture. It’s definitely worth a stay if you are passing through this amazing city!

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