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Eliot Corley II has been in Taiwan’s MMA scene for some time now. Coming to Taiwan a little over 8 years ago, he has not only picked up some serious fighting skills and a lot of love for Taiwan’s community, but Eliot has also worked with or met just about everybody in the MMA industry here. Now, with a passion for the art of fighting and the backing of friends he has made over the years, Eliot has moved on to the one thing many fighters only dream of: opening his own gym.



Eliot chillin’ in the back, observing as students duke it out

Once upon a time, Eliot came to Taiwan to study and almost immediately got involved the MMA scene when it was still in its early days. Training with a crew of an enthusiastic and incredibly tight community of awesome fighters, he quickly increased is skill set and started fighting in local matches, from smaller exhibitions to main events like ProFC. After teaching at multiple MMA gyms, Eliot was ready to branch out on his own.



Strategically situated in Banqiao, Eliot’s  version of an MMA gym has two full levels of training ground, lots of space and brand new equipment.

Why Banqiao?

Not only is Banqiao a huge area with a very underwhelming MMA presence, Eliot needed a territory of his own; one where his peers in the scene haven’t ventured yet. A short walk from the Banqiao MRT station, it’s an easy spot to get to and the best option if you are in the area.

The Gym


Despite its humble surroundings, Shuraba has a style all its own and its a gym that is very enjoyable to train in, whether for competition or for fun. The Asian-inspired art on the wall and the stylized equipment brings the whole idea together with an awesome crew.

The top floor is actually used for martial arts classes, mainly weapons related, where you can learn how to use and defend against all number of small arms. It also provides three comfortably-sized changing rooms and two bathrooms .

But the lower level is where the MMA magic happens, on an open floor used for the express purpose of honing expert fighting skills.

“I couldn’t have built this place without support from great friends. They helped me settle all of the administrative stuff. We just wanted a self-sustaining spot where we could train and grow.”

Offering up a fully-packed schedule Monday to Friday, Shuraba has MMA classes covering 3 main aspects:

Movement: Learning the basics and growing a strong foundation is essential to defending yourself in the ring. If you want to fight, you have to master the moves.

Concepts: Knowing the moves is great, but if you don’t know WHEN to use the moves, then you haven’t got a prayer. Concepts teaches you when and where to use what you have learned.

Sparring: Obviously, all the knowledge in the world is useless without experience. This is your time to use what you’ve learned and find out if you’ve got what it takes to fight 1 on 1.


Wrap Up

There are lots of gyms popping up as MMA becomes more popular in Taiwan, but if you are in the Banqiao area, you might as well learn from a guy who not only has the experience, but knows the ins and outs of the Taiwan MMA scene. Not only is the gym a great place, Eliot is a great guy who is humble, but only because he knows exactly what he is doing. Check it out and train with a really cool group of people.

To find out more about schedules and classes, check out the official Facebook fanpage here.

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