Second Floor Cafe (Dun Hua)

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No. 14, Lane 63, Section 2, DūnHuà South Rd, Daan District
02 2700 9855
Mon-Thu 11:00-23:00 | Fri-Sun 8:00-23:00
Avg. NT $300
Web: (facebook)

Eating is important to us. So when we go out, we aren’t only looking for good food, but also a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy. Well, Second Floor Cafe has it all and more. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Taipei, both in quality of food and design of the space itself. The restaurant’s three branches, Gong Guan, Dun Hua, and Nei Hu, always receive top reviews and are usually packed with hungry patrons.

The Food

Let’s just start by saying Second Floor Cafe has some of the best food we have ever tasted. The quality and amount of toppings are top-notch. Also, the dishes are all seasoned very well so that they have a unique flavor you won’t get anywhere else.

Second Floor Cafe has an excellent range of foods, all made with different flavors and combinations. From full breakfast to risotto to steak, each dish has its own special taste, making it easy for anyone to find something they like. We recommend the chicken BLT smothered in rich, creamy cheese, or the burrito filled with real Spanish rice and accompanied by a small dessert, potato wedges and hash browns.

The prices are usually between NT $250-350 for the meal. Breakfast dishes come with a drink included; otherwise, you can add a small or large set for NT $90 or NT $ 150. The small set includes soup, bread w/ olive oil, and a drink, whereas the large set comes with salad, soup, bread w/ olive oil, a drink, and cheese cake dessert. The side dishes are matched in quality and the chowder was probably the best we’ve had in Taiwan.

The Environment

Second Floor Cafe on Dun Hua is absolutely beautiful. Sitting in a nice, quiet neighborhood close the the Dun Hua/XinYi intersection, the restaurant is really put together nicely and feels inviting.

Once you walk in, you will see that the interior is very clean and a lot of thought, work, and money has gone into making the place look good. With the feel of a bed and breakfast, it is a very comfortable place to sit and chill for a few hours. Second Floor Cafe, of course,  has two levels so there is a lot of seating, but it gets really busy so it’s best to get there a little early.

For other locations check out the maps below:

Gong Guan

Nei Hu


Wrap Up

Second Floor Cafe is one of our favorite restaurants, especially for brunch. The restaurant looks nice, the food tastes great, and the atmosphere is extremely comfortable. The higher prices may limit most people from going every week, but it’s definitely a once a month place for us.

For more info check out the facebook page.


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