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No. 1 SīYuán St, Jhongjheng District | 中正區思源街1號
17:00 ~ 24:00

Looking for one of the best outdoor dining experiences in Taipei? Run∞ (pronounced run eight) Mexican food and Bar has got you covered. Just off on Yong Fu bridge next to Gong Guan, Run∞ is a bare-bones spot that offers some basic Mexican dishes, a decent amount of alcohol, and a great time.

The Food

Getting to the point, you won’t find the best tasting Mexican food here, nor will you find a big selection. What Run∞ focuses on is a good place to grab a bite, have some drinks, and maybe meet some new people. That being said, the food is actually pretty tasty for what it is, and best of all, the portions aren’t skimpy like a lot of other Mexican restaurants in Taipei. Run∞ has some of the standards like enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos and fajitas and a couple of other not so Mexican items. The only drawback we could see is that the prices are a little high, but the uniqueness of the venue makes it acceptable.

Run∞ also offers a surprisingly large range of alcohol. Not only will you find a good selection of beers that aren’t all Belgian (thankfully), the bar also offers all the usual hard drinks as well. And for those American who are missing home, you can even find some of the brews from the U.S.

The Environment

The food and drinks are definitely attractive, but the real driving force behind Run∞ is it’s awesome location. Sitting right on the edge of Gongguan, Run∞ is right on the bike path that leads to the Riverside Park. It makes for an awesome destination for bicyclers and anyone else. The area in front of the restaurant is a large open space with a good amount of tables and seating.

The people sitting at the bar are usually friendly and easy to talk to, and the owner Ben likes to wander around the tables and share a drink with customers from time to time.The service may be a little slow, but it’s not for lack of effort. The size of the restaurant is just small. If you ever do find yourself waiting, Run∞ encourages you to get your own beer out of the cooler in front.

Wrap Up

Run∞ is not the best Mexican restaurant, nor is it trying to be. Rather, it is an awesome place with good drinks, food, and people. It’s a fun destination whether you are out with friends, enjoying a bike ride, or need a fun place to take your date. The range of drinks is great and the service is friendly, although not super fast. We here at TT love to stop by after a hard day of work to get some grub and drinks with co-workers.


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