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B2, No. 27, Section 2, Fuxing South Rd. | 台北市大安區復興南路二段27號B2
0925 177 477
Wednesday 20:00pm-3:00am | Friday & Saturday 22:00pm-7:00am

The Roxy group of nightclubs and bars has always done pretty well for itself, but not many establishments can compete with the popularity or longevity of Roxy 99. Close to Taiwan Normal University, Roxy 99 has always attracted a lot of students, both local and international; however, it is the mix of Western music and cheap drinks that makes this place one of the most popular destinations for night life in Taipei, especially for foreigners.

The Environment

Even though Roxy 99 is a Western-style bar, you will usually find about a 50/50 mix of Taiwanese and foreigners. Having a bar atmosphere, Roxy 99 is a bit more exciting than many other bars and clubs in Taipei. It offers nostalgic rock music and a small dance floor to wiggle around on.

Roxy is actually one of the nicest looking bars in Taipei, with a decently sized underground space, lots of tables, a nice DJ booth, and a quick-service bar. The DJs are good, but they are also mostly limited to keeping the rock and roll rolling. Though we appreciate the music, it would be nice to hear a good mash-up as well.

Usually, the people you meet at Roxy99 are genuinely friendly students (both Taiwanese and International) coming from all around Taipei and just trying to meet new people. Of course, being a “bar” also means that Roxy99 is a bit more of a dive, with lots of people on the prowl after hours , an “untidy” bathroom, and a very popular 7-11 outside. For the most part however, the environment is nice.

In the end, there is a reason Roxy 99 has done so well. That’s because, despite its flaws, Roxy 99 is relatively cheap fun, meaning many people can enjoy themselves thoroughly without having to worry about going broke.

Wrap Up

After more than a decade of popularity, and still going strong, Roxy 99 is obviously very good at what it does. It provides an international culture in which locals and foreigners can mingle and meet new friends. The bar regularly plays good music and hosts exciting events. Sometimes it attracts a few undesirables, but usually, Roxy 99 is one of the most enjoyable nightlife venues you can visit for the price.

For more info on Roxy 99 and other Roxys head over to the website, or flip through the tabs up top.

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