RaoHeJie (饒河街)

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Ráohé St, Songshan District, Taipei City

Nightmarkets have always been a specialty of Taiwan and Taipei in general, and every one of them is unique in both style and wares. Although RaoHeJie has all of the typical fare of a standard nightmarket, it also has  its own unique feel to it. It combines all of the modern goods you see in other markets with a sort of traditional market feel, loaded with lots of stands, lots of food, and a couple of old shops and temples to check out.

Once one of the largest docks along the river, RaoHeJie has always been a place where lots of different goods could be found. Since becoming a night market, it has also become more shopper friendly while still providing lots of different shops and products. Though it is very similar to other markets, there are still a few specialties that RaoHeJie has to offer.

The Food

While every nightmarket has lots of traditional Taiwanese snacks and food, RaoHeJie is known for its wide variety of unique snacks and food carts running up and down the street. Although the  market isn’t very large, there are still quite a few good things to try such as Indian kabobs, fried sandwiches, or a number of other snacks.




Most of the old traditional Taiwanese shops are gone now, but there are still a few that offer religious, cultural, and touristy items. They can be found not too far from the East entrance located near the massive temple.



Other Stuff

Like all night markets, RaoHeJie has a lot of random goods for a low price. Besides clothing, you can find other more unique things such as cheap electronics, toys, houseware, and many other miscellaneous objects.



The Rainbow Bridge

Behind the nightmarket, you can also find the Rainbow Bridge. There is nothing particularly special about this area other than it being a very nice looking section of the Taipei Riverside Park. Perhaps you can grab a snack from the market and work your way over to the parkway to enjoy your meal.



Wrap Up

Overall, RaoHeJie is still quite similar to other nightmarkets; however, it does have its specialties and has managed to maintain a somewhat traditional feel. Furthermore, you won’t find it as crowded as other markets as the main road is wider and there are less people. If you are in the mood to search out some new Taiwanese foods or you just want to visit one of the most famous nightmarkets in Taipei, then RaoHeJie might just be your next destination.


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