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No.3 Ln. 136 Alley 1, Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 4 Zhongzeng Dist. Taipei, Taiwan

If you’ve ever been in the American West, then you may have had an encounter with a recent wave of restaurants that have a fresh take on Mexican food. Using the best ingredients and known for a tangy, fresh taste, these restaurants have skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. Oola Mexican Grill is similar to those popular restaurants back home, and it’s one of our favorite destinations in Gong Guan.

The Food

Oola Mexican Grill offers more than just Mexican food. In fact, they offer a pretty nice selection of American-style dishes including pizza, burgers, and other appetizers. But what we come here for is the burritos.

The first thing we noticed was the tortillas. It’s hard to find good, fresh tortillas here in Taiwan, but Oola provides great tasting tortillas that taste just like back in the states. The next most important thing to good burrito making is the meat, and Oola doesn’t disappoint. The restaurant offers Barbacoa, Carnitas, steak, and chicken and they all taste fantastic. The meat is moist and tender and smothered in flavor. With regards to toppings, you can choose from three different salsas, changing in both flavor and hotness. Also, you will find a nice tangy spanish-rice, real sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. Oola also offers a meal with restaurant-style tortilla chips as opposed to the kind you can buy at supermarkets.

The Environment

Oola is freshly remodeled and it looks good. There are two floors of seating, and they even offer a small balcony. The restaurant is clean and is decked out in all kinds of Mexican and American memorabilia and decor. Because of the small size, you may find yourself waiting a while for a seat. But if you are looking for a decent burrito, it’s totally worth the wait.

Wrap Up

Oola is a great little restaurant with a fresh style and a fresh take on Mexican food. If you are looking for truly authentic Mexican food, you won’t find it here, but those looking for an American style burrito or taco, you will be pleasantly surprised. You will also be able to find a decent pizza and burger here so drop by if you are in the Gong Guan area, or take a look at the Oola facebook page for more info.

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  • Based on your review my wife and I had lunch at Oola today. We both had chicken burritos. Very fresh and tasty. We will definitely be returning. Thanks TT.

    • TT

      Nice! Glad you guys liked it

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