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Uh-uh girl

Rating: 3/5

My long-awaited (yes, awaited!) Step Up 5 is finally out! Featuring some of your favourite all-star dancers. They will stun you with even more energetic and frenetic dance sets than ever before. Plus the story was so upbeat, it’s sure to make you fist pump uncontrollably on your chair.

The story is a continuation of the fourth movie, with the main character Sean, the six pack god, who finds himself lost and frustrated with his career success as a dancer based in LA. His world tumbles even deeper into turmoil when the rest of his crew realised it was time to be realistic and return home to find a proper job. However an opportunity springs as a dance competition called Vortex which promises a luring and secure contract for the winning dance crew. This brings Sean right back on his feet and he starts assembling a new crew.


Money Shot

At the competition, the TV host Alexa, who looks like she stole Lady Gaga’s wardrobe, draws tension between crew members and opposing crews. The suspense continues as his crew is put forth against the baddies Grimknights and his old crew The Mob. The precedent plot was copied from the third and fourth movie and pasted on to the fifth. Despite the stale storyline, the dancers do not disappoint and still deliver crazy in-sync sets, impeccable solo performances, as well as a good ol’ love story.

As for creativity of the choreography, I personally did not feel that fresh and out-of-this-world vibe from the dance pieces. Many stunts and moves were recycled from the second movie onwards. However, it is always fascinating to watch people dance with that kind of sass, attitude and style.

​The Step Up franchise is not complete without an inevitable grand finale. “Does it always have to end up in a big, giant dance battle?” asks Moose. Yes Moose, Yes. But I’m still waiting for that finale! From personal experiences, I know if the grand finale was phenomenal when I leave the cinema to head straight to a club to attempt (and fail epically) all those slick dance moves.

However this time the finale was a bit disappointing! (If you’re going to copy and paste 5 movies, at least do it right!) There was not enough oomph to the stunts and choreography. The dancing was uninspired and unoriginal. It is as if Step Up lost its touch of Hip and cool.

And the theme made me feel like I was watching a live version of Atlantis…


Hence: I really don’t think the finale did its title justice, “Step Up 5: 80% In” would have been more appropriate. ​This movie is recommended to eager young dancers or those that just love a great performance or those that just want to support the movie for old times’ sake. The movie is out now in 3-D. I personally feel like it was not worth the money, and recommend watching the 2D version.

***Despite all, one thing that needs to be stressed and very much emphasised is the amount of smouldering six-packs in this movie. The ab game is on. So for some astounding choreography and colourful 3D visuals (and abs) “I say why not?” It was all in all, a pleasure to watch.

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