NCIS: Northern California Inspired Sushi

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No. 4, Alley 27, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd. | 大安區忠孝東路四段216巷27弄4號
02 2721 6952
11:30~14:00 | 17:30~21:30


Tucked away in one of Taipei’s booming hot spots in the East area, Northern California Inspired Sushi (NCIS) offers some of the most savory sushi fusions. Nope sorry, the only marine-based investigation going on here is how to take the freshest fish there is, and turn it into some of the best tasting sushi in Taipei.


Jo Lu, the owner/founder of NCIS, grew up in Cali, learning the trade and building up his innovative menu over the years. Bringing an interesting twist to Taiwan with his intriguing sushi roll concoctions, NCIS has boomed over the years, and now takes its place among the most happening areas in Taipei . Shall we begin the epic, taste bud journey?

The Food


Like any good sushi restaurant, NCIS offers its own version of edamame. With a hint of spice, these boiled baby soybeans are the quintessential appetizer, and they do the trick to keep your taste buds quiet before the main course arrives! Plus they go perfectly with a pitcher of hot sake!



Oh, the glorious NCIS french fries! Topped with homemade cheddar cheese and caramelized onions, they certainly aren’t very traditional, but that’s what NCIS is all about: A sushi restaurant for the modern world, only worrying about if the food is amazing. Jeeze, these things were ridiculous! I recall that I may  have “misplaced” one of my girlfriend’s chopsticks when this dish came out…



All of the sushi rolls we tried were excellent, and believe me, there are a lot of rolls to choose from such as: the familiar California Roll or Spider Roll, as well as the BMW roll, Inspired Weed roll, Steve Jobs roll (vegetarian), Shida Warrior roll, Marylin Mon-roll, Puff Daddy, James Bond, and any custom combination that Jo sees fit to create.

But some of the rolls are just so good I had to show them here. That’s how it was with the Mercedes.


This sushi platter “raced” itself into my mouth! The crab and shrimp center with a seared tuna, avocado topping and dash of salmon egg was what made this platter CLUTCH! The Mercedes lives up to its namesake, it’s a high quality roll precisely engineered to be delicious.


And now, for the master of disaster, the end all sushi roll, the Sofa-King-Bomb! If I knew about this sushi fusion earlier, I would have said eff you to the edamame, passed on to the cheese fries, and given up the Beamer (BMW)! Then, I would have ordered 5 of these bad boys!!! This sucker is rolled with salmon, chicken and cream cheese, then topped with salsa… man, you have to taste it to believe it!

The Environment

NCIS is not your typical sushi spot. It sports a very lively environment with plenty of tables, great for groups and awesome for dates! There is color everywhere and the walls dawn a street style, with lots of cool, custom sprayed art.


I noticed that the menu included an eating challenge, so I’d have to guess that NCIS could get a little rowdy! The challenge is eating LARGEST SUSHI ROLL IN TAIWAN!! To play, you have to put down NT$2,500. But if you can muster up the willpower to eat it in 45 minutes, the roll is on the house!


*NCIS facebook page


*NCIS facebook page

Oh, by the way, did I also mention there’s a Wheel of Fortune at NCIS? But while you can roll it for the chance to win items like a free BMW roll or NT$200, you may also “win” a kiss from the chef, a bowl of rice, or your bill total x2.


Wrap Up

I’ll admit, I was in a bad mood all week before I came to NCIS. But this food cheered me right up…tremendously! Great food can nourish the soul. If you are looking for traditional sushi, then too bad! NCIS has got an attitude, and its cool decor and modern flavors give you great tasting food and an exciting dining experience. Anyone who loves food should make it a point to check this place out.

Get NCIS updates at the official Facebook page.

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