Monkey Mountain: Adventures in Kaohsiung

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Oct - 3, 2015

Xiziwan, Kaohsiung | 高雄西子灣

This may be one of my favorite videos we have ever done. Last time we went to Kaohsiung to play with the monkeys, I said we would be back, and this time lots of really cool people joined us on our adventure to the Xiziwan district to explore around the mountains, beaches and historic spots.

Early Arrival at Xizi Bay


Taking the bus from CKS throughout the night, we actually arrived in Kaohsiung earlier than expected (A speedy bus driver and no traffic helped). The good news is we got to the Shao Wharf (哨船頭) just in time to see the sun rise over the harbor. Beautiful.


Coffee and sun makes us happy

Breakfast in Zhongshan

A quick coffee and chill out session later, we were soon off to the grounds of Zhongshan University for breakfast and orientation. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the campus, it’s not very big, but it made for a very relaxing way to spend a morning under the trees and shade.


Monkeying around on Shou Mountain

Not only did we get to chill with the monkeys again, but we also got to see a new side of their behavior, which was really cool. Even though our group was too large to get up close as personal, the monkeys decided to give us somewhat of a show, playing in the natural pools around the mountain, pushing, wrestling, splashing, diving and just showing us what “fun” looks like.



Qijin Beach Chillout

As usual, we originally had lots of water games planned for the beach, but nature didn’t agree with us that day. The waves were crashing down hard and our guide looked like he was about to cry when we started heading into the water…so we headed for Qijin Island to settle in at the hotel and hit the beach unsupervised.


Lewis chillin’ on the roof of the hotel, getting some rays

After dinner and drinks on the beach, everyone was already pretty beat, so ecstatic but exhausted a lot of us headed off to the hotel early to recover from the sand, sweat and sun.

Btw, if you get a chance, check out the In Young Hotel. It’s super nice and right across from the beach!


Free Roaming Around Pier 2

The next day we took the ferry back across Xiziwan to check out the Pier 2 Art District, as well as some other historical spots, such as the old factories and the Japanese Martial Arts WuDe Training Center (武德殿). @Sylvie even got to fly a kite!


A Minion kite of course


Check out the adventure in our video “Monkey Mountain”!

Hope you guys enjoy it, and if you want to see more, subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Also check out all of the pics from the event below!

Thanks again to every who made it out, we couldn’t have made the video without you! And also to these guys for helping out:

– Ho Changer for helping us arrange the trip!
Macaque Chattering Group for showing us the monkeys!
Probar Taiwan for offering up some of those tasty tasty health bars:
Yelp Taipei for giving everyone some goodies

And last but not least, Baba Kevin’s BBQ for hooking up the food big time.

Hope to see you at our next event!

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