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No. 32, Sinsheng North Road, Section 2, Lane 76, Zhong Shan District, Taipei City | 台北巿中山區新生北路二段76巷32號
09 6139 6399
TUES-SUN: 17:30-22:00 (LATE)


Nestled in a quiet alley in the Zhongshan District, Merlot Cafe & Bistro is one of the classiest restaurants in town! It offers a quiet environment, FRIENDLY service and most importantly, food cooked to perfection!

Shall we begin? Alrighty then!!! (#AceVentura)



The Apps (not cell phone apps) at Merlot are outstanding. The Pizza with Salami is actually large enough to warm up your taste buds, but just small enough keep you from getting too full.



Another great dish is the Baked Mozzarella. With toasted Ciabatta Bread, this Italian app is nothing short of being creamy, cheesy and out of this world! I’d definitely recommend this for big time cheese lovers!!


If that doesn’t rock your mouth, then try and dig into the combo-Bruschettas which includes 3 different toppings on 6 sliced-up pieces of the best French bread to ever land in Taipei.

photo 1

Red Point is a phenomenal beer brewed here in Taiwan!!


That Big, Green, Leafy Dishes

Yeah, that’s the good stuff that gets your belly ready for an outrageous wave of flavor! *Note to self: keep your taste bud seat belts fastened* A huge hit is Merlot’s Entree Salad with Shrimp, sauteed with garlic, onion and white wine and topped with the right amount of Parmesan cheese!


There’s also a smoked salmon salad at Merlot and it’s BOMB! I didn’t want to put up the picture because you need to see it to believe it.

The Power Plates

The lamb plate is a must. It’s spiced with the perfect amount of pizazz, salt ‘n’ pepper! The risotto is also something that I’ve heard Merlot’s customers rave about! Although the price is a bit dear, you’re guaranteed to get your bang for your buck with the Chargrilled Lamp Chops!!


And a dinner that I will more than likely order again is the Spaghetti Carbonara! Spaghetti mixed with BACON, egg, Parmesan cheese, cream, fresh ground pepper and BACON… who would want to miss out on a dinner like this???


Merlot Ain’t Just the Name of the Place

Merlot Cafe & Bistro prides itself on its selection of fine wines spanning across the globe. If you’re not a huge wine connoisseur, have no fear! The waiting staff and management will kindly guide you along based on your food order.


Wrap Up


Typically, I don’t make Top 10 lists because it’s places like these that force me to go back and edit the lists! Merlot offers a very relaxing atmosphere which is most noticeable by the management and staff. This restaurant is very old school in that the people that work there make an effort to get to know their customers. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Merlot Cafe & Bistro IS the definition of classiness. Not sure where to take someone on your first date? Valentine’s Day venue? Christmas dinner? A place just to grab a drink after a long day at the office? Hang out with some friends? Just go to Merlot, you’ll know what I mean.

For more info, check out the Merlot facebook page.

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