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No. 33-9, PuCheng St. | 台北市大安區浦城街33-9號 (ShiDa | 師大)
02 2368 5222 (ShiDa | 師大)
Su(日)-Th(四) 12:00~21:30 | F(五)-Sa(六) 12:00~22:30 (ShiDa | 師大)

If you have been in Taipei for a while, then you have probably heard of Maryjane Pizza. For those of you who haven’t, Maryjane pizza is one of the best known and best tasting pizza places you can go in Taipei. Started by Maryjane, an understudy of a master New York Pizza chef, the restaurant has been pleasing customers for a long time.

The Pizza

Obviously named for its trade, MJ Pizza has a very nice range of thin crust pizzas which come fully topped with fresh ingredients. Unfortunately, there is no thick crust here, but the pizzas we tried all tasted great. Also, the prices for a full size pizza are pretty reasonable.

The Antipizza

Besides great Pizza, Maryjane also dishes out a great lasagna. The lasagna portion isn’t American-sized, but it should be enough to fill a normal person.

MJ Pizza also provides a few appetizers, soup, and salads. If you order a full meal with your pizza, you can get a drink, a dessert and a choice between soup or salad. The soup changes by day and the last time we went we got to try the pumpkin soup.

MJ Pizza also offers a range of imported beer which we deeply appreciated. Also, if you get the Hoegarden you get a bonus extra-sized glass. Look at the beer glow in that huge container…

The Environment

Maryjane Pizza has three locations in total. We visited the ShiDa branch (which has now been moved) so there are always lots of people around waiting to grab a bite of the famous pizza, meaning you might have to wait for a while or just settle for take out.

The ShiDa location is open
Su(日)-Th(四) 12:00~21:30
F(五)-Sa(六) 12:00~22:30

TaiDa Location
No.89, WenZhou St. | 台北市大安區溫州街89號詳細地圖
02 2369 5333
M(一)-Th(四) 11:30~14:30 | 17:30~21:00
F(五)-Su(日) 11:30~15:30 | 17:30~21:30

DaZhi Location
No.8, Ln.62, DaZhi St. | 台北市中山區大直街62巷8號詳細地圖
02 2533 5200
M(一)-Th(四) 12:00~14:30 | 17:30~21:00
F(五)-Su(日) 12:00~15:30 | 17:30~21:30

Wrap Up

Maryjane Pizza is nice pizza parlor with a great tasting pizza for a doable price. It doesn’t offer much other than pizza, but it does have a great lasagna, and a selection of salads. It’s a pizza place that’s hard to beat, and it has been around for a while so any serious Taipei resident should think about checking it out.

For more info, checkout the Maryjane Pizza website and facebook page.

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