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A hugely popular mode of transport, bicycles have been part of the Taipei scenery for decades. Healthy, environmentally friendly and cheap, many people are even choosing to switch from their scooters to use bicycles as their primary means of travel. In recent years, with the City’s implementation of UBike (a “bike sharing system”) and a newly developed urban lane network, it is now even safer and easier to ride around Taipei on a bicycle.

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The bikes are suitable for users who are between 140-190cm tall, offers 3 speeds, includes a bike lock and of course a decently-sized basket to carry all your valuables. There are over 40 locations throughout the City to conveniently pick-up or drop-off your YouBike (map) and at only 10 NTD for every 30 minutes (free for the first 30-minutes if you’re a member), need we say more?

For members, all you need to get started is an Easycard to follow the steps below (check website for Single Rental User instructions, where either your Credit Card or Chunghwa Telecom Cell can be used):

Step 1. Register at a Service Center, Kiosk or Website.

Step 2. To unlock, place your registered card on the dock that holds your selected bike until the “Take” light flashes green and you’re ready to cruise the streets.

Step 3. To return, place bike into an unoccupied dock’s lock slot, wait until the “Place Your Card” light flashes blue to place the same registered card on the dock. Transaction details will be displayed once complete.

And for all you app lovers, there’s also a handy Android app, Bikerker, which shows a live track of bike and space availability.

For iPhone users, simply search the app store for the “ubike” or “微笑單車” app.

Visit for more service details.

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