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#162 Heping East Rd., Sec. 1, (pretty much on ShiDa road)
02 2368 6827
7:00AM - 9:00PM
NT $45 - $170

While classier bagel shops like New York Bagel  have a great atmosphere, lots of variety, and top grade quality, there are times when you just have to get yourself a solid bagel. For that we have Magic Bagel, a chain of faster-food bagel shops offering a range of  breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in bagel form. Just how much magic do these bagel possess? Read on to find out…

The Food

Seeing as the restaurant’s name contains the word “bagel”, it seems appropriate that we look at the bagels first. Because Magic Bagel is a chain, we are guessing that the actual dough is mass produced in a factory somewhere and then shipped to the stores to be cooked. However, you’ll get no complaints out of us because the bagels are awesome. No matter how they are made or warmed up, the bagels are fresh, soft, and delicious when they get to our meals, and they are well worth the average price of NT $45. Not only are the bagels good, but there is a nice variety of them to choose from. On our last trip we counted 14 different kinds of bagels (Magic Bagel reportedly makes 18 kinds), which is more than some of the more expensive shops offer.

In addition to making  good bagels, Magic Bagel also offers something that is hard to find in Taiwan… good cream cheese.  Original, Blueberry, Apple-Cinnamon, etc., the number of delicious cream cheese flavors is something to make any bagel enthusiast happy.

Despite bagels being a delicious treat, sometimes you need a little more. That’s why Magic Bagel also offers sandwiches and sets. There are some tasty flavors here like smoked salmon, black pepper beef, and tuna and the sets vary by how much you want:

Set A: Bagel w/cream cheese and a drink — NT $95

Set B: Bagel sandwich and a drink — NT $135

Set C: Bagel sandwich with a drink and salad — NT $170

There are also four breakfast sets to choose from hovering around NT $50-80.

The Environment

Magic Bagel is a small chain, and a semi-fast-food joint, so you shouldn’t expect too much from the decor. That being said, the ShiDa shop is actually quite nice location-wise. The back part of the store actually leads into the ShiDa campus where you can eat outside in nice, quiet surroundings. It’s pretty reasonable considering what Magic Bagel is.

There is also one other location to look into:

Taipei Underground Mall (Taipei Main Station)

Wrap Up

Magic Bagel is cheap, delicious, and has a good variety of bagels and cream cheese. What more could you ask for? When you need a quick breakfast or you just want a decent bagel, then there aren’t many places better than here. It is not a very good dinner place, but it is a great bagel place.

To learn about catering or any other bagel info, look at the Magic Bagel site.


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