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(DunHua Eslite) 台北市敦化南路一段245 號B1 | B1 #245, section 1, DunHua South Rd.
02 2771 7726
11:00-22:30 (order before 21:30)

Looking for a new hot pot place to add to your lineup? This might just be the place for Ju… With complete dinner sets and easy to understand selection choices, Ju’s Hokaido style hotpot is one of the nicest and most affordable hotpot places we’ve seen. Ju is actually a chain of stores, but don’t let that turn you away. Most of the locations are convenient, classy, and always packed.

The Food

With the number of hotpot places around the city, it can be hard for a restaurant to differentiate itself. You can rest assured that the hotpot at Ju is absolutely delicious, but the real attraction to this restaurant is the convenience and variety.

Basically, for about NT$350-540 you can order a complete dinner set, including a drink and dessert. Each part of the meal has different options:

Hotpot soup: Spicy Mala soup | Health soup (養生) | Milk soup | Hokaido style soup (Ju’s specialty)
Meat: Beef | Pork | Chicken | Seafood
Special/Season Items: A choice of meat pastes or other unique items.
Side Dish: White rice, Oolong noodles, Japanese Shao Fen (noodles).
Dessert: Red Bean and QQ ice pudding | Orange Sauce and Cream | Longan Nutritional Soup

On top of everything, the meal also comes with three different dipping sauces and a refreshing, pallet cleansing Meizi (梅子粉) drink.

Everything about the food was fresh and tasted great. We also really enjoyed the variety and the fact that the pots are split, which means you can try more than one soup. However, while the quantity of food was fair considering the price, we wish there were free refills of both drinks and side dishes.

The Environment

As mentioned, Ju is a chain so you should be able to find a location near you by visiting the official website. We visited the location inside of the DunHua Eslite, located on B1. This location wasn’t terribly small; however, it is usually packed at nights and on weekends, and we had to make a reservation.

The restaurant looks nice and we assume all of the locations have a fairly standardized style. We really liked the flat, built-in electric hot plates. They were easy to control and easy to keep clean, plus they just look good!

Wrap Up

Ju is one of the nicest hotpot places we’ve seen in Taipei, especially considering it is a chain. It may not come with the same level of quality as Civic Hotpot, but the food tasted excellent and the service was quick. The variety here is still really the most unique aspect, and especially important when you’re in the mood for hot pot, but want something different from the norm.

For more info and pics, flip through the tabs up top. You can also hop on over to the official site for menu and locations.

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