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No.90. Song Ren Rd. Taipei
02 2345 5549
NT $200-400 per drink

Among the multitude of nightlife venues concentrated within Taipei’s 101 area, there sits one of the coolest lounges to ever hit the city. *inhouse boasts an outdoor patio with plenty of seating, as well as a sizable indoor area with regular guest DJs spinning their newest beats. The best part? There’s usually no entrance fee.

The Environment

It’s rare that you find a nightlife venue with any sort of decent outdoor area, but *inhouse has one of the best in the city. With plenty of large seats that require no reservation, as well as access to the bar and plenty of staff running around, the patio area plays such a large part at the lounge bar that if it weren’t for the obvious problem associated, *inhouse could just as easily be called Outhouse.


True, it’s a bit of an inconvenience when there is bad weather out, but that’s why *inhouse also has a sweet indoor area as well. Though a little cramped near the bar, the interior of this lounge is actually fairly spacious. The bar itself runs along a good portion of the space, although it is usually packed. There is seating throughout the club, and a small area for the DJ, but not much room for those who like to dance. Overall, the design is sleek and modern, like a lounge bar in Taipei should be.

The Drinks

As you might have guessed, with such a nice lounge area and good service, all for free entry, the drinks at *inhouse are pricier than many other clubs. While, there is a nice selection of beer and wine, it isn’t outstanding, and we’re not sure the price is justified with a standard (or less) amount of alcohol in the mixed variety. In other words, if you come to *inhouse, be prepared with lots of friend who can help you order in bulk, otherwise you won’t be able to (or want to) afford getting a buzz on.

Wrap Up

*inhouse offers one of the best areas for you and a big group of friends to go for a good price. The lounge is modern, hip, and clean. Furthermore, the staff is fairly available and timely. However, if you are trying to meet new people or only want to go out with a friend or two, then we wouldn’t recommend you come here. All in all, *inhouse is an awesome lounge in the right circumstances, and it’s a nice place to check out if you have the chance.


For the map and other info, check up top. For the *inhouse website go here.


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  • Andrew

    I would not recommend this place. It provided a nice enough atmosphere at first, but as the night went on, my friends and I noticed some cracks in In House’s technicolor facade, such as a DJ who looked and played as though he had fallen asleep. After paying for our drinks and trying to leave, we were confronted by a waitress who accused our party of not paying over $1000 of our drinks. However, we had paid at our table and at the bar for our four drinks from the Happy Hour menu (which we were told was still available), and found that the waitress had made a mistake, charging us for several drinks we never ordered. Nevertheless, she came back and reaccused us of not paying $580, this time overcharging for two drinks we did order. Since our party could not speak Chinese fluently, we were unable to argue that we had ordered from the Happy Hour menu, and had paid for all of our drinks (double-checking the menu, we found that the mistake was indeed not in our calculations). Unfortunately, we were unaware of the establishment’s scam until we recalculated in our taxi, at which point it was no use going back to argue. All in all, the whole experience was overpriced and left a bitter taste in the mouths of everyone in our party, feeling more like cheated tourists than welcomed customers.

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