How Three Runners Turned Passion into Profession

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Here is a story of 3 dudes who decided to follow their passion and start a business in Taiwan.

In The Beginning

In 2011, three drinking friends turned running friends lost their minds and committed to running a 100km ultra marathon. Classic mid-life crisis.

We had a crazy and worthy goal and were sure that the adventure would do us a lot of good, but there was one problem…

We Weren’t Very Good at Running

Not even a little. If we were going to complete 100K before falling over dead, we had to seriously reconsider our lifestyle choices, and most importantly, get to work!

Hence began our year-long training to increase our stamina and endurance.


Rain or shine – and over countless mountain runs, we fought through pains, became better runners and worked our way up from nothing. However, we soon learned that running was just part of the equation. A healthier diet to power our middle-aged bodies was absolutely crucial as well.

We started to eat more cleanly, doing all of the things you know about, cutting out unnecessary fats and sugars, but we also had to search out the right kind of foods to fuel our running habit.

Although running is a rapidly growing sport on the island, the selection of products catering to athletes remain limited, especially food. Whether it’s natural produce for everyday clean diet, supplements or endurance specific fuel, most of the options are either ridiculously pricey, chemically engineered or of unsubstantiated origin.

Initially, we just wanted trustworthy and affordable superfoods for ourselves, collecting the necessary natural ingredients such as high-protein low-waste seeds, fruits nuts, etc. so that we could prepare food and snacks to power us through running. However, we soon realized that runners of all levels have encountered the same problems.


In March of 2013, after a shift in habits and a year of training and eating right, we conquered our first 100K. In addition, we discovered what we are capable of both physically and mentally through out the crazy journey.

Not long after, we took our new superfood recipes and started Runivore so that we could offer high-quality and natural superfoods to all the runners in athletes in Taiwan who are find themselves in the same position that we did. We just want all runners to be the happiest runner they can be; chia seeds and Runivore Bars are just the beginning!


Power Through

It’s that simple. Now we are aiming once again for the infamous Ultra Run, 100K from Fulong, up and around Yangming Mountain and back. It will be the next big challenge among many, but with the right training, diet and attitude, we know we will succeed.

If you have a passion and want to turn into your livelihood, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all the details. Find us on Facebook – just search for “Runivore“.


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