Holiday Market

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Changan West Road (close to Chonging N. Road) | 長安西路上 (靠近重慶北路)
M-F 12:00~19:00 is your best bet

Celebrating the holidays you so cherish and love can be a bit of a task in Taipei. However, if you are feeling the need to get festive, there is a market located close to Taipei Main Station. With available products changing by season, you will be able to get Halloween decorations and costumes, Christmas lights, fake trees, Easter bunnies, and much more.

The decorations and accessories at the market are pretty varied and there are lots of shops to choose from. Also, a lot of the items come in bulk, so you can usually find a lot of decorations for a good price. The real draw to the market comes around Halloween time when people are looking for easy and cheap costumes. While a lot of the costumes look like they could be 20 year old left-overs from the states, you will be able to find some decent-looking, cheap costumes, as well as more expensive costumes that look much nicer.

The market sits on Chang An Road (長安路) and runs along the whole street between Chong Qing (重慶北路) and Tai Yuan (太原路). If you are traveling by MRT, the easiest way to get to the market is to get off at the Taipei Main M1 exit on the Civic Blvd. side. Once you exit, make your way across Civic and continue walking north to Chang An Road (about 5 min.). Turn left, and eventually you will see signs with Christmas trees, pumpkins, and other various holiday symbols. (look at the map tab above to see the location)

Happy Holidays!


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