Highway to Heaven

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Joe Fang recently joined the Nabiis bicycle team as they toured around the East Coast of Taiwan on their way to Wuling Mountain. This is what he had to say about the 6 day cycling adventure.

Along the Taiwan mountain scape, Wuling (武嶺) mountain ridge stretches far and wide. Here I am, joined by the nabiis bike team on their “Ambitious” ride around Taiwan’s East coast, a spectacular journey organized by the nabiis riders. After months of training for this moment, we face the mountains as opponents on the battlefield. Our weapons, bicycles. In pain and under attack, we muster up the willpower to strain through muscle tension, adjusting the rhythm of our breathing, ​​conquering mountains and proving ourselves as cyclists.


“Danger: Falling Rock” warning signs are scattered around the many twists and turns. But we press on, vanquishing the dragon-esque mountain road, like knights on a holy mission. After days on the road, everyone moves in sync with each other. Like a well-functioning bee hive working in harmony, the supply rider tags along on his motorcycle keeping us energized and hydrated. And we desperately needed it with the July sun beating down on us almost every step of the way. In addition to replenishing the team, the supply rider played an even more important role, boosting team morale with constant encouragement as we climbed and climbed the steep incline.



The scenery presented a variety of changes as we made our way around the mountains. Among the densely overlapping and full-leaved trees, and in and out of the valleys, we saw an array of different scenes of people and animals. Like a surreal landscape painting, the scenery was a beautiful sight, helping us take our minds off of the long journey ahead.


The way around the mountains was not always smooth. From time to time we had to deal with the occasional thunderstorm, plowing through high waters as water came down all around us. During the six day trip, the countless number of weather warnings and uncertain road conditions forced us to stop  a few times. But finally, with sweat and some blood, we conquered the mountains full of pride. And even after the grueling journey, on the way home we were already left asking, “what will the next battle be?”


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Author : Joe Fang

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