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Everyone knows that Taiwan is up and coming in the technology world. Many of the world’s components for computers and phones are produced here, so you might find yourself wondering “where is all the tech?” Well, at least one of the tech centers is the GuangHua Electronics Plaza, a sprawling mess of shops carrying everything electronic.

If you are looking for inexpensive mp3 players, hard drives, monitors, routers, PCs, Macs, phones, and other gadgets, you will most likely find them here. The stores not only line the entire section of BaDe to XinSheng, but they also hide deep within the alleys, where you will also be able to find games, dvds, cd and other computer-related items.

Although there are many kinds of electronics here, you won’t really be able to find any good audio or camera stores. For that, you will need to go to the Audio/Visual market near Taipei Main Train station. Also, for any people looking for console games, you might wanna check out the games area of the underground mall instead (also in Taipei Main).

GuangHua, however, does offer any other kind of electronic accessories you can think of. Also, all of the big names are here from Sony to HP in case you don’t really wanna search for parts at the smaller stores. But, if you feel like browsing around the market, you can find very good quality electronics for a cheaper price than the name brands.

The Plaza is located on BaDe Road, right next to 1914 HuaShan Creative Park and in the same area as Youth (Apple Store).


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