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96, Section 2, Zhongcheng Road | 士林區忠誠路二段96號
02 2873 3128

There are a lot of places for active life in Taiwan, from the many free basketball and tennis courts spread throughout the parks, to the badminton and squash courts that can be rented cheaply at many of the public gyms. However, it seems that these places are used less and less by our generation, and especially the kids of today. And that’s one of the reasons why GDS Play was opened.



The Run Down

Not only encouraging physical activity from a young age, GDS Play is a children’s recreation center that promotes parent-child interaction and a variety of interests for children such as art classes, parent-child yoga and many more, but most importantly, basketball.


Created by Sean and Jessica Cheng, the GDS (Glory Days Sports) organization has managed the largest basketball coaching and training for students in Taiwan for a couple of years now, helping take young players to new levels with proper skills and strategy.

GDS Play on the other hand, is much more for fun. Aimed at infusing young kids and young parents with a passion for being active, the two-floor gym in Tianmu comes equipped with lots of space and some of the coolest classes in which to play:


Interactive Story Time
Art w/ Paintable Walls
Football (Soccer)
BBallBreak Dance
General Fun

And much more to come…


The classes aren’t typical of course. They center more around games and having fun, using colorful circles and hoola hoops to mark where kids should kick or shoot a basket. In their minds, it’s all just one big fun challenge, and there is no pressure to play well or matches between teams.

That’s what makes GDS Play so great, simply teaching kids to have fun being active, rather than having fun glued to an iPad screen.

Built for Fun

GDS Play is completely new and built with every activity in mind. The top floor includes the art room with special walls that can be drawn and painted on, as well as the general activity room and bathrooms.




It also has a sweet waiting room with huge sofas for parents to chill outside and watch TV, play on their iPads or whatever they want while their kids are distracted.

The first floor is just as cool, if not better. Here is where you will find the larger waiting room and the basketball room.



Even better, the first floor is where GDS Play has a cafe at which you can grab a coffee or one of the imported drinks, along with a chicken wrap or handmade sandwich.




Wrap Up

If you are looking for some family oriented fun, GDS Play is a good place to start. Specializing in activities for kids ages 2-7, there is a lot of stuff going on that not only teaches kids to be active, but also helps them to socialize and gives them games they enjoy that parents can also join in on. Plus, there are also many things for parents to entertain themselves with as well!

For more info, check out the official facebook page here.

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