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12, Lane 154, Zhongzheng Rd. Xindian | 新店區中正路154巷12號
02 8911 8885
M-F: 10:30~21:30 | S-S: 9:30~21:30
$$$ (NT$300 avg)


It’s not often that I find myself crawling through the back alleys in Xindian, but I was on a mission to finally find the cafe that so many people have told me about: Fairy Cafe. Imagine my surprise when after turning into the very industrial-looking neighborhood, I was actually greeted with a few very nice looking cafes, one of them being my target destination.

Environment: Fantasyland


To be perfectly honest, I completely missed the Fairy Cafe on my first passing, distracted by a rather unique-looking Aroma Cafe, but I don’t know how I overlooked it, because it is certainly the most distinct spot on the street. It really looks quite comfortable, like a shop out of a fairytale, built with a red brick facade and classical European lanterns. Perhaps it was the beautiful giant tree in front that blocked the view.


I had heard a lot of good things about this place, but after taking a passing glance at the menu outside, we almost didn’t go in. Not that the food looked bad or anything, but I was surprised at the food variety, or lack there of, that such a popular spot had. If you were to just look at the menu, you might think Fairy Cafe was just another average Taipei cafe, but I’m very happy we decided to go inside.


The interior was even cozier, quaint little decorations scattered throughout such as coffee beans in glass jars, a cake tray, and a very nice corner window seat.

Food: Hearty Beyond Expectations


Fighting back my suspicions, and heeding the call of our stomachs we decided to go for it. I ordered the Fairy Burger while my companion ordered the Asparagus Quiche. Again, I was concerned by the lack of sides (No Fries!?) and add-ons were more than I was willing to pay for the unknown. However, I did also end up getting a humungous slice of Carrot Cake and a coffee as well.


I don’t know if it was just the hunger or they were having a good day, but the burger, despite its no-frills presentation, was probably the best burger I have had in Taipei. It wasn’t smoked or seasoned with pineapple mayo or topped with peanut butter, or whatever the new burger craze here is. It was just a plain old burger, made with South African know-how and a couple of jalapenos. And it was delicious.


The quiche was pretty good. I enjoyed the fact that it was super thick, getting the most out of it. However, it was a bit too healthy tasting for my liking. The carrot cake on the other hand was awesome, even big enough for me to share.



Of course, the cafe is probably better known for it’s mixed drinks and environment but I wanted to try the food, and was pleasantly surprised.


Wrap Up: Happily Every After


Fairy cafe isn’t a huge institution with a large variety, not are they trying to be. It is really just a cafe for the locals in the neighborhood. However it is distinctly different in its design and its service, and if you are in the area, or need a new cafe to try out, it’s worth a quick trip.

Will I go back? Yes…probably. Here’s the thing. I stand by what I say about the burger being the best I have had. But I like variety, and I like french fries, and I like convenience. If I lived in Xindian, I would probably be a regular. Still, I think I can find time to make at least one more trip 😉

For more info, check out their facebook page .


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