Everyday Exercise: Getting Fit in Taiwan’s Parks

By Jennifer Salinas | Published 2015/05/26 5/5 (2) Posted in FUN & ACTIVE, READ

jenabsby Craig Ferguson

“I don’t have time. I don’t have a gym. It’s too far. I have no equipment and this is not fun!”

I’ve been a personal trainer in the fitness world for many years now and I hear excuses like this quite often. It is no secret that to obtain an awesome body requires a lot hard work and careful nutrition, but staying physically fit doesn’t necessarily have to come from lifting heavy weights and spending hours at the gym.

The so-called “new trend” of calisthenics (aka “Bodyweight Training”) is filling parks around the world with young adults and people looking to get fit using “Street Workouts.”

Funny thing is that this style of training has been around since the beginning of time. If we could only ask our caveman ancestors or ancient athletes and warriors, they would tell you that pulling, pressing, pushing and squatting was their daily routine, and as far as documentation goes, these guys were pretty strong.


*Not a real Spartan (by Nathan Rupert)

As a person that travels quite often I sometimes don’t have the facilities of a gym nor hours to spend in one. Therefore, I decided to try bodyweight training some years ago. To my surprise, I found it’s incredible what you can achieve with such short, bodyweight workouts that can be done pretty much everywhere.

I’ve tried a multiple styles of training in my life, all with the promise of becoming leaner, stronger and fitter. Nothing beats old-fashioned hard work and exercise, but what I’ve gained with bodyweight training is pretty incredible. You simply become a fully balanced machine, using the entire body through compound workouts, rather than attempting to isolate small body parts one at a time. Wherever I go, let it be the park, hotel room or top of a mountain, I fit in a bodyweight session to keep my fitness level up.

No wonder it’s become the #1 Fitness Trend for 2015 according to a survey by The American College of Sports Medicine.

In Taiwan

Having arrived in Taiwan some months ago, I started to look for a gym to go to. Instead I found that in comparison to other places I had been to, Taipei is full of parks to spend time outdoors and I started to wonder why calisthenics had not caught on in Taipei, especially since the park facilities are better than those I’ve seen in other countries.

So I put together a routine that you can do at your nearest park and take advantage of what this beautiful city is giving us.

Regardless if you want to build muscle, lose weight or tighten your buns, there is something for everyone!

Recommended Routines

Whether you want to concentrate on the upper body, the core or the lower body, choose from the exercises to target that area or try do a full body routine, and mix and match from each section below!


Upper Body


Lower Body

About Me

I’ve been involved in the fitness world now for 17 years (I started at a very young age 🙂 ) and hold various certifications in different fields of fitness. Soon I’ll be getting my rehabilitation certification as well, and I’m really looking forward to helping people with injuries!

I arrived in Taiwan last August, coming from Shanghai where I held, and still hold when I’m in town, a position as a personal trainer at Prime Fitness. They were the first to introduce China to short, high-intensity routines, where it’s all about making every exercise minute count, and for the last few years I’ve been training with awesome results while never getting bored.


That’s why I love hands-dynamic work, and truly believe that workouts such as HIIT, Tabata, functional training, Calisthenics and many other styles of training are worth spreading around Taiwan.

I’m currently organizing events for people to get to know different techniques of training, and have found that in this incredible community, there are so many qualified people in so many types of training that people really don’t know about it. I also have my little projects of free outdoor training sessions around the city. I’m working on the dates and hoping for good weather, lets cross our fingers!

Finally, I’ll also be joining the DAVA fitness gym in Neihu, where we will have really challenging workout sessions at an amazing fitness playground!

You can check the different types of workouts, as well as event dates on my facebook page.

If you have any questions send me a message on Facebook, I’m always happy to help!



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