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No. 169, Anhe Road, Daan District | 台北市大安區安和路二段169號1樓
02 2733 9393

Dressed front

Rising to extreme popularity throughout Hong Kong, Dressed is more than just your everyday salad bar. Using a sleek, modern design and the freshest, healthiest ingredients available, the quickly growing chain is a dream come true for the health and fashion conscious. But Dressed offers much more than salad. With a mix of some great sandwiches and a huge range of fresh smoothies, check out what the Dressed experience is like..

The Food

In order to make its famous salads, Dressed uses 70 of the best ingredients and 24 sauces/dressings to come up with an amazing number of healthy creations. You can choose from one of the popular 18 chef-designed salads, or create your own from scratch. And if you feel like making your salad mobile, you can get it in wrap form using a very nice flatbread.

Dressed ingredients

The artisan sandwiches and paninis are crafted just as well as the salads. Using similar ingredients and very light, freshly baked bread, Dressed offers some of the best tasting deli cuisine you can find in Taipei. The meat is well-seasoned and flavorful, while the subtle combination of veggies and mushrooms makes for a very light and completely delicious sandwich. Two of our favorites include the chili-lime chicken panini and the steak panini.

Steak n shroom

Additionally, the restaurant offers a daily-rotating range of homemade soups to match perfectly with your meal. On the day we visited, the soup offered was a very tasty salmon and pumpkin soup. It had a nice, rich flavor without being too overbearing and sweet like many of the pumpkin soups we have tried in Taipei.

Salmon soup

To top off your health-conscious cuisine, Dressed also offers 10 unique smoothie combinations to go with your meal. Only by using fresh fruit, yogurts and organic syrups, the restaurant creates all natural fruit smoothies with flavors like “Mango Tango”, “Bella Berry”, “Tropical”,”Mint Avacado” and “Peanut Butter & Jelly”.


Furthermore, Dressed has a nice range of pre-made sandwiches and juices, as well as other soft drinks and fancy organic potato chips.

Dressed drinks case

Everything offered at Dressed is wonderful. Fresh, tasty and healthy, it’s no wonder the chain has become as popular as it has. However, the food at Dressed is abundantly pricey. For a basic salad or sandwich without any extras, you are looking to pay upwards of NT$230, and the drinks/sides aren’t much cheaper. For a proper meal, you’ll be paying restaurant prices for something that is essentially fast food.

The Envrionment

Sitting on Anhe Road (安和路) just down from the Diner, Dressed does well by keeping its design consistent throughout all of its locations. The modern decor and clean industrial feel give the restaurant a lot of character, while keeping it unique and easy on the eyes. We really liked that there is a lot of space to keep you from being crowded in by all of the other hungry patrons, although we couldn’t help but imagine that the lunch rush gets a bit chaotic.

Dressed indoors

The  layout of the salad bar makes it easy to pick out what you want quickly, and the staff is pretty on the ball when it comes to getting orders out. All in all, it’s a nice looking restaurant with consistent quality, taste and service.

Wrap Up

Dressed is a great spot most well-suited for lunch, but open late for those craving a dinner salad/sandwich. The food is absolutely fresh, great-tasting, high-quality, and healthy. And it is also expensive, especially for Taipei and for the portions you receive. But if you’re in need of a new spot to try, or just in the mood for a light, palate-cleansing meal, then Dressed is a must try!

For more info, visit the official Dressed Taiwan website here, as well as the facebook fan page.

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