Dreams Across Genereations

By Dingjier 袁鼎傑 | Published 2015/04/29 0/5 (1) Posted in TT LIFE
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“What will we lose over this summer, what kind of adult will we become?”

This question, coming from the Taiwan film “Blue Gate Crossing (藍色大門)” describes the main character’s ideas toward youth and the future: When we are young we do our best to resist the things we don’t like in this world. But one day, we eventually find ourselves in an elevated position, becoming the thing we once resisted. Maybe it’s because our minds have transformed over the years that we are able to change our stance. But are we able to maintain the sincerity and proactivity of youth, not to be swept up in the tides of power and privilege?

sunflower-jimmykangJimmy Kang

A lot of people blame the changes in their behavior on the socialization we encounter in our lives, but wasn’t it the idea in the first place to fight back against this form of socialization? Especially now when technology is developing so quickly, we are able access much more information, arming us more with which to jolt the system. For those of us that proclaim to stand up for what we believe, we must steadfastly hold on to our original aspirations. Only then are we able to listen to and understand the next generation who holds the same aspirations that we once did. And we will be able to communicate and tolerate each other, ending the battle between generations.

Social glory vs. social justice: this has always been the divide between generations.


When we enter the real world and start to find success, the hope is that we can remember our dreams, and that dreams and reality will become one, not running along parallel lines, unable to intersect.

In becoming adults, we must try hard to remember the footsteps we once left on the world.





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