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This year as I was deciding how to spend my Chinese New Year, I realized that even though I’ve been here for a while I still haven’t done a complete loop around the island. How can it be? It’s one of the things I have always wanted to do. So I decided to stop hesitating and just go for it.

But I didn’t want to just travel around. I wanted to meet new people and bring a little fun with us as we made our way around the island. I started Taipei Trends to throw livelier events anyway, so I got to thinking. Even though I can’t really dance, I love groovin’ out and shaking my booty…so why not…we can dance around Taiwan! Hope you guys like it!

Day 1: Shifen – Jiufen – Yilan


Actually I didn’t know what to expect. Even if people felt like the event was fun, they wouldn’t necessarily come out to dance with us. We knew that most people would be spending CNY with their families, and others might not be bold enough to join us. But my doubts were erased on the first day. We arrived in Pingxi around 6AM to find some friends from Taipei waiting for us. Awesome.

The weather was iffy at first, but we pushed through and had a great start to the trip. We even had a special guest from “Spirited Away” join us in Jiufen!


Places We Visited:

Lantern Police Station 天燈派出所
Jingtong Train Station 菁桐火車站
Shifen Old Street 十分老街
Shifen Waterfall 十分瀑布
Jiufen 九份
Jinguashi Gold Mine Museum 金瓜石金礦博物館
Golden Waterfall 黃金瀑布
Sandiaojiao Lighthouse 三貂角燈塔
Wushigang 烏石港

Day 2: Hualien – Taroko

We only had one objective on day 2: get to Taroko Gorge. On that day, we planned to make a quick stop at Nanfang Ao beach, then head off to Hualien, but things never go as planned. In Nanfang Ao, our camera fell down, breaking the tripod, and nearly smashing the lens (but didn’t. thank you thank you!!). So we rushed off to Hualien city to pick up a new one. Of course, that threw us way off schedule.

I thought for sure that nobody would trek all the way out to Hualien to meet us, especially since we were running late. But lo and behold, a friend of ours just happened to be passing through and was able to shake his booty with us all day long. We even got some mainland kids to dance with us. Though whether or not they can watch the video is unknown…

Places Visited:

Nanfang Ao 南方澳
Taroko 太魯閣
Hualien 花蓮市

Day 3: Sanxiantai – Taitung – Kenting (Kinda..)

The third day went pretty smoothly, I guess we were used to our frantic traveling by then…There was no one to join us all the way down in Taitung, but we had a super cute little girl dance with us in Sanxiantai. (Actually her whole family was supposed to dance, but they wimped out in the end 😛 )。 Btw, Sanxiantai is freaking gorgeous!

In Taitung we had a lot of onlookers, but only one person brave enough to dance with us, so we finished up pretty quickly and headed off early to Kenting. But not early enough. We made it just after sun down so our filming for the day was done.

Places Visited:

Sanxiantai 三仙台
Taitung County 台東縣
Ocean Park 海濱公園
Pipa Lake 琵琶湖
*Kenting 墾丁 (The First Trip)

Day 4: Kaohsiung – Kenting (Part 2)


Kaohsiung is really beautiful. No matter where we shot, it was always a great view. We finally had a chance to meet up with our 4th team member, and had a friend joining from Taipei as well. Nothing really happened in Kaohsiung, but we were freaking out somewhat, as we had to dance in Formosa Blvd. Station in front of a giant audience. They all seemed to enjoy it, but not even ONE of them had the guts to join in…what’s up KS?

We went back to Kenting and finally got an amazing shot of the sunset at Eluanbi Lighthouse…and crashing our drone into the building too. (sorry Taiwan!! Please forgive us!)


Places Visited:/strong>

Lotus Pond 蓮池
Shao Chuan Park 哨船頭
Pier 2 駁二
Formosa Blvd. Station 美麗島站
Nanwan 南灣
Eluanbi 鵝鑾鼻

Day 5:___ – Sun Moon Lake (The first time) – Changhua


We had originally wanted to go to Tainan, but due to the big earthquake their, we decided to postpone almost all of our events. We hope everyone there is doing much better now.

So we decided to go straing to Sun Moon Lake, but we were met with Fail all the way. SO. MANY. CARS. Seriously…So we headed off to Changhua to check out a giant buddha instead.

Day 6: Taichung – Hsinchu

Taichung was way too much fun! We had a ton of strangers and friends join us at Rainbow Village, making the event so much better. I had been looking forward to Taichung as I used to study there. It was good times all the way.

Hsinchu, there isn’t much to say about you except that the wind is too strong and too cold. Dancing was not fun…

Places Visited:

Taichung Metropolitan Park 台中都會公園
Tunghai University 東海大學
Rainbow Village 彩虹眷村
Taichung Train Station 台中火車站

Day 7: New Taipei


Finally we were back home, although it didn’t last long. The next day we headed out early to Yehliu, getting there at 7:30. But it wasn’t early enough. Awaiting us were the throngs of tourists and gawkers. It was really hard to find a place to dance, but I did enjoy seeing Yehliu for the first time. Pretty cool!

After passing through Keelung, we headed up to Yangming mountain’s Qingtiangang to dance with the cows, then off to Beitou to soak in the hot springs and relax. But alas, all we were met with were more tourists. So we checked out early to prepare for the main event: Taipei!!

Places Visited:

Yehliu 野柳
Northern Coast 北岸
Keelung Harbor 基隆港
Zhongzheng Park 中正公園
Qingtiangang 擎天崗
Beitou 北投

Day 8:Taipei!


Success! We finally make a complete loop around the island and Taipei’s event was crazy exciting. Thanks to all the people to joined us, your energy was high and it really made the video look even better. Some of you even stuck around the rest of the night! Hope you guys had fun and hope we get a chance to hang out again!


Places Visited:

Elephant Mountain 象山
Taipei 101 台北101
SYS Memorial 國父紀念館
Songshan Airport 松山機場
Huashan 1914 Culture Park 華山1914文創園
Taipei Metro 台北捷運
Taipei Main Station 台北火車站
Liberty Square 自由廣場
Ximending 西門町
Raohe Night Market 饒河街!

*Day 9: Tainan – Yanshui

Afterwards we had an opportunity to go with the TV program “I Walker” to Tainan and Yanshui. Thanks a ton to Rifat for showing us around and taking us to experience the Yanshui Bee Firework Festival. It was nuts, and one of the most exciting events you can go to in Taiwan.

Places Visited:

Chimei Museum 奇美博物館
Tainan Confucius Temple 台南孔子廟
Anping Fort 安平舊古堡
Sunset Boardwalk 夕平台
Treehouse 樹屋
Qigu Salt Mountain 七股鹽山
Bajiaolou 鹽水八角樓

This trip was full of amazing experiences, giving us a deeper understand of all Taiwan has to offer. But most importantly, the people we met were absolutely amazing!Thanks for all the hospitality you always show us Taiwan!

Special Thanks to:

Special Thanks to:

Keegan Smith - For letting us use his song:Dancing Shoes

TBC Dance Center -Win and Sabrina who choreographed and taught us the dance.

TEV 音響-For lending us a MIT Speaker to blast our music everywhere

California加州超跑車租賃-For hooking us up with a sweet ride to take around Taiwan! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Hotels We Stayed At:

仙朵拉城堡 – Cinderella’s Castle
台東中華典藏商旅 – Z Hotel
綠光水畔出租套房 – Lighthouse Hostel
雲平精品旅館 – Ease
窩。好宅 – Stay Nice Home

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