Dance Around Taiwan Flash Mob Event

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Feb - 6-13

All Around TW!
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Hello everybody!! O(≧▽≦)O

We are super excited to present our latest project that is really important to us: “Dance Around Taiwan”. A gigantic flashmob around the island to show its two unique beauty: its landscape and its people.
We have prepared a pretty easy dance for you to come and enjoy with us. It will be a lot of laughter, new friendships, “NG”, and a great family time.

♪ WHO WE ARE: Chris, Sylvie, Lewis and Shaina. Coming from The States, France and Taiwan, in love with this place, ready to show its power and have a lot of fun.

♪ WHY YOU SHOULD COME: Because life is about making connections with people, have great experiences and a lot of laughter. Because we need you to show your love for this amazing place with us to the entire world.

♪ HOW TO: The tutorial is in this link below. If you have any question or issue, please do not hesitate to contact us! 🙂
Here is also a link where you have the moves in pictures (Taipei Trends link)
You can choose to learn the whole dance or just part of it!
If you are a little bit shy you can still come to watch. We will have a 15 to 20 minutes rehearsal with everybody before starting the flashmob at each location.

♪ WHEN & WHERE: From Saturday 6th February to Friday 12th February
Here is the map of our itinerary below. You will have the exact time by following this event or Taipei Trends facebook page
MAP WITH SCHEDULE ((´⊙ω⊙`)!We will release a more accurate schedule later)

Feb 6 Sat: Shifen – Jiufen – Yilan
Feb 7 Sun: Hualien – Taitung
Feb 8 Mon: Taitung – Kenting
Feb 9 Tue: Kaohsiung – Tainan
Feb 10 Wed: Tainan – Taichung
Feb 11 Thurs: Taichung – Hsinchu
Feb 12 Fri: Yehliu – Keelung
Feb 13 Sat: Taipei

♪ WHO: EVERYBODY are welcome!!!! Beginners (WE ARE BEGINNERS!!! haha), intermediate, advanced, local, foreigners… grandpa, grandma, moms, dads, teenagers, kids, pets, friends, lovers etc… come show the warm energy of Taiwanese people and people living here!

♪ PRICE: Freeeeeeeeeee. Just your smile, energy and dance moves

THANKS: Also a BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE TBC Dance Center, especially Sabrina who designed the choregraphy with us and the local hotels who are willing to sponsor us in this amazing journey! and also…YOU!!!!

AND a really huge thanks to Deegan Smith who has allowed us to use his music!!! Check out his website here:

Keegan Smith 官網

Spread the word and share the event!!!!

If you have any question/issue, want to work with us or have some suggestions/ideas or for Press, or just want to say HI 🙂

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

CONTACT: Sylvie (思婷): / LINE ID: Sylvie.tran (In English, Chinese or French)

Much love, (´∀`)♡

Chris, Sylvie, Lewis and Shaina!

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I came to Taiwan on a whim for an exchange program in university and I've pretty much been here ever since. I pretty much fell in love with TW at first sight and I take every chance I get to go out and explore. With a knack for creating things, a decent camera and some editing skills, I created TT to share Taiwan with others and connect people looking to do cool things. I'm always down to try something new and exciting, especially if it involves going fast, so send me a shout out and let's explore together.

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