Civic Hotpot (市民大道涮涮鍋)

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No. 1, Lane 50, YánJí St, Songshan District
02 2577 8747
5PM- 5AM
Avg. NT $450

Hotpot is pretty standardized no matter where you go, so when you are looking for a new hotpot place to go, what should you base it on? Some would say quality, and that’s exactly what Civic Hotpot offers. With grade A meat and fresh ingredients all around, Civic Hotpot is a great place to get good quality hotpot.

The Food

As good as the hotpot is here at Civic, the range of flavors and sauces is surprisingly low. But don’t let that deter you from coming here, because the range of meats and and other extras you can order is outstanding.

Let’s start first by saying the meat is really good. It is hands down, the best meat we have ever seen in a hotpot restaurant. You have a choice of pork slice, being the lowest grade at NT $280, all the way up to Kobe Beef at NT $1880. You know when you are paying close to NT $2000 for hotpot, it doesn’t get much better. We settled for the lamb and regular beef.

The plates come stocked with the typical assortment of cabbage, corn, fish balls, etc. However, you can add other sides to your liking (for extra $). Furthermore, you get a choice of white rice or oolong noodles for your side. The sauces come pre-mixed for convenience, and although we miss making our own combo, Civic’s special mix is pretty tasty. Finally, at the end of your meal, you get a complimentary dessert of traditional Taiwanese red/green bean soup.

As you have probably deduced, the prices are higher than your average hotpot place. You can pay as low as NT $280, and up to NT $2000, but you will probably average around NT $450.

The Environment

Civic Hotpot is, of course, on Civic Blvd. in the East Area. Anyone who is familiar with Taipei will know that there are a lot of nice places to eat around here, giving Civic Hotpot a run for its money.

The restaurant is medium sized and packed, but there are two levels accommodating hungry patrons, so seating is fairly available. The upper level has a bar and a couple of tables, while the lower level has many community sized tables. One thing to keep in mind is that Civic Hotpot is very popular, very busy, and only open at night, meaning you would do well to make a reservation beforehand.

The interior is nicely decorated and fairly quiet for a Taiwanese restaurant. The staff is always on the ball and eventually get around to everybody, even when it’s super packed.

Wrap Up

Civic Hotpot offers good hotpot, period. The lack of variety may turn a few people off, but the high quality of food is enough to keep lots of people coming back for more, despite the high prices. The location is in a lively part of town, and the restaurant itself is clean and upscale. We enjoyed our time there and we think you will too.


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