Festive Feast Ideas – Christmas In Taipei

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If you’re at a loss for how to celebrate your Christmas in Taipei, have no fear. I’m a huge fan of the seasonal spread, so I’ve done some research and would like to introduce your Festive Feast guide to making the most of your Christmas dinner!

Take Home

First up, if you are looking to gather a group of friends to share in the festivities, then I would recommend skipping the restaurants altogether and going straight for a full spread. You can actually find a complete Christmas dinner for a pretty low price from most of the international hotels in Taipei.


The Grand Hyatt offers both turkey and ham with all of the sides and desserts. Orders must be made well in advance and prices range from NT$5000~6000.

02 2720 1200 ext. 3198

Le Meridien also offers both turkey and ham with some sides for around NT$3000. Pies must be ordered separately, with a choice of pumpkin or pecan.

02 6622 5812

Sheraton Hotel’s “The Deli” offers an amazing range of choices for very good prices. This includes ham and turkey sets with all options, as well as single orders of whole hams and turkeys. Prices are usually around NT$3000~4000.

02 2321-5858 ext. 8373

The Landis Hotel is offering a turkey set for NT$3650. The special meal comes with french bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, cream corn, cinnamon/chestnut sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

02 2598-5558

While these are some of the best deals for hotels in Taipei, almost any international hotel will be having Christmas specials, so if there is one more convenient for you, it never hurts to pick up the phone and just ask!



You can order a full turkey dinner set including sides and wine for take-away for $2800. Just make sure you order from the cake shop 48 hours in advance.

Cake Shop #02 3278 8888 ext. 5867


For those who are looking to do things from scratch, you can pick up a frozen turkey at one of the Costco’s around town. However, availability isn’t always consistent, so make sure you call first before taking a trip

Neihu Costco: 02 8791 0110

Xizhi Costco: 02 2690 7335

Zhonghe Costco:02 2242 5289

more info

Eat Out

If you don’t have the space or just can’t be bothered to organize a dinner party, then a lot of Taipei’s restaurants are holding specials for a few days. Here are a few for 2015:



Cream Soup, Roasted Lamb or Salmon, sides and “Mini” pumpkin pie tart:

NT$849+ | 699+
Dec 24-25

More Info

Grandma Nitti’s


Wine, pumpkin soup, Caesar Salad, Rib eye Steak or Roasted Turkey and Pumpkin Pie:

Dec 24 -25

Served with coffee or tea

More Info

On Tap


Soup, roast turkey, sides, fruit cake:

Dec 24-27

Comes with a glass of wine or beer.

More Info



Soup, salad, roast turkey, all the sides and Christmas Pudding, or an alternative Lobster dinner:

NT$880 | 890
Dec 24

More Info

However you spend Christmas, make sure you get some of that delicious turkey and mashed potatoes. More importantly, find some friends who will help you keep that special Christmas feeling alive in Taipei!

Also, check out my guide to making egg nog 😉  – Merry Christmas!

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