Chillax! Cool Your Laptop and More: Ergostand III

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Ergostand: The Sequel X 3

Is your laptop getting hot in this Taipei summer heat? My tech buddy introduced me to this nifty Taiwan-made laptop cooling pad made by Cooler Master. Something I didn’t even know I was looking for, the Ergostand III is the all new ergonomic laptop cooling pad, that cools down your over-heated computer, gives you more comfortable viewing angles and even adds a few more USB ports so you can connect extra devices. But, how is it different from other products like it?

I’m Cool. You?

The main purpose of a cooling pad is simply to cool off your laptop, but somewhere along the way companies started to get all fancy in order to out-do the competition, adding gadgets here and gimmicks there. In reality, any pad is the same as the next, so long as it cools down your laptop. So does the Ergostand III cool off a laptop? Yes it does.


The one-fanned Ergostand III cools off my Macbook much more than I had expected, all without a peep from the fan itself (I actually couldn’t tell if it was working at first). And if it isn’t quite doing the trick, you can adjust the fan speed with the nifty new power nob.

The Cherry on Top, But This Is No Sundae

The Ergostand III has ditched a simple form and gone back to a larger pad, adding a chord holder on the left side. It also has a lot of different heights you can set the stand at to give you and angled keyboard and higher/better viewing angles. You probably weren’t looking for something that could do this (I know I wasn’t), but both of these features are actually quite useful, giving you a more compact workspace with awesome views.


Hold it right there!

The pegs that hold your computer in place are now adjustable so you can resize for iPad or different sizes of computers, which is great, but the pegs are somewhat flimsy, feeling like they might snap off at any moment. Also, there is one huge design flaw here in my opinion: no matter where you position the pegs, they will always be poking into your wrists as you use the keyboard. I got around this by turning the pegs inwards.


Is this a crucifixion? Get those things off of my wrists

One thing completely different from other cooling pads is the round base as opposed to the rectangular one. A minor difference I would agree, but one that makes it much easier to use on your lap when you want to work away from your desk. Is it comfortable? Well, no. But at least it’s possible with this design.

Build It Up, Just to Break It Down

It cools, it stands, it’s ergonomic. It’s an ergonomic cooling stand. The best thing about the Ergostand III is that you can easily slide off the case so that you can clean the fan super conveniently. Also, there are 4 USB slots that you can use, which is awesome considering the pad uses up one of your USB slots (You can also charge by micro USB DC slot…sold separately). As for the form, it’s not particularly sleek or comfortable, but if you are just using it on your desk, then there’s no real problem. One thing I couldn’t stand though was the “Power ON” LED. It’s bright white and it’s a distracting glare in my left eye, especially in a dark room.


– 1 + 4 = MORE

As for the price, it’s kind of expensive at about NT$1200. I can’t imaging any normal person would purchase a product like this. But since I’m on my laptop 8+ hours a day, it was a completely unexpected useful find. So if you are at your computer desk often I would recommend checking this, or something like it, out.

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