Looking for something fun to do that doesn’t involve drinking and dancing? There are a lot of options here in Taipei and we’ll list them here for you.


7 Better Date Ideas (Part 2!)
By Lewis Clark | Published 2016/04/14

I’ve been in Taiwan for over 3 years now and I’d like to think that I know my way around the city; places to go, restaurants to dine at, activities to do. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that one of my great friends, Roxanne, from Yelp Taipei, approached me about finding fresher […]

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Epic Battle Day : Paintball – Archery Tag – Bubble Ball
By Chris | Published 2016/01/05

We had been dying to try out bubble ball soccer for a long time, and it had been a while since we had put together an “extreme sport” event, so we thought…”Why not just do all three?” Turned out to be a great idea.

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Adventures in Alangyi: Aboriginal Festivals and Ancient Trails
By Chris | Published 2015/10/22

There it is: that distinguishing aspect of Taiwan that is so appealing. It’s easy to forget when living in Taipei (or any of the major cities) that Taiwan is a culturally vibrant, tropical island, full of amazing things you won’t experience anywhere else. It’s the reason many of us fall in love with this island in the […]

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Top Spot for Southern Surfing: Jialeshui
By Kristine Chuang | Published 2015/05/18

If you wanted me to recommend just one place in all of Taiwan to visit, I would definitely say Hengchun. The name means “Always spring”, but I would say the weather is even more like summer, even in the wintertime, and you can almost always dress for summer and hit the beach all year round.

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Zerospace: Mystery Room
By Chris | Published 2015/04/15

Popping up everywhere from NYC to London to Taipei, escaping rooms has become quite a popular thing to do these days, not only on the internet, but in real life spaces in which you are actually locked into a room with a number of clues and puzzles and have to find your way out before […]

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Monsters on Mountains: A Trip to Xitou
By Alexandra Hartline | Published 2015/03/19

On a cold January day this year I was prepared to sleep in a Taiwanese police station. No, not just prepared. I wanted to. Taiwan is so marvelous that you can sleep in police stations (and schools, too) if you’ve got nowhere else to stay. The thought of camping out in a police station was […]

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Over the Mountains and Under the Bridge: Bungy Taiwan
By Chris | Published 2015/03/10

  The look of pure joy, that adrenaline rush, comes from jumping off of a bridge deep within the mountains of Taiwan, plummeting towards the steep valley below. Bungee jumping is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time (it’s right up there with skydiving), so I don’t know why it’s taken this […]

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Soaring Over the Sun and Moon: Paragliding in Puli
By Chris | Published 2014/10/17

Gliding through the sky over a beautiful mountain range right in the heart of Taiwan, Puli is located close to Sun Moon Lake and it’s everything you would want from a paragliding experience: Fresh air, amazing views, and lots of flight time. It’s also one of the coolest ways to take in the island’s scenery, […]

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The Scent of a Cigar
By Chris | Published 2013/12/25

Suits, scotch, leather, cigars and maybe even a little golf: Not much else would better bring an image of manliness to mind. And as men, we need a place of our own to gather and relax after a long day of work; one that doesn’t involve yoga mats, bath salts or soft music, but rather, […]

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By Chris | Published 2013/11/25

The enemy lines are drawing in. You muster up your courage and bravely shoot yourself out from behind a tree, running as fast as you can toward your target. You hear the sounds of “bullets” narrowly whizzing past you as you book it over rough jungle terrain, eyes on the goal. After the most stressful […]

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Taiwan Beer Factory
By Chris | Published 2013/11/11

Beer is the bedrock on which most societies are built. It gets us through good times and bad, helps us break out of our shell in social situations, and has led to many a relationship. Good beer, bad beer and everything in between, it’s all acceptable as long as there are friends and entertainment. And […]

Taroko: Asia’s Seventh Natural Wonder
By Bridget Di Certo | Published 2013/10/04

The suspension bridge swings dramatically to the left across a wide, shallow river. To the right, a vivid and ornately decorated red gate marks the entrance to Taroko Gorge National Park – one of the seven natural wonders of Asia. As soon as you round the first bend into Swallow’s Grotto you know why. Covering […]

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