Bright lights, loud music, private parties and a lot of dancing. Taipei’s clubs are reaching new heights all of the time. Look here for the most recommended places to go.


By TTdude | Published 2015/05/02

Luxy (the first club in Taipei) had its run for 12 long years, and they were good years, but now it’s time to make way for a new generation of nightlife: Enter club Omni.

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Sublime Urban Bistro & Bar (& FBI HQ)
By Chris | Published 2014/07/09

As far as lounges go, there are quite a few in Taipei, all with their own little close knit communities and design quirks. But there is one place in the east area (東區) that is unlike anything else in the city. Not only does it have a cozy bar, chill atmosphere and a range of […]

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SOHO X Marquee
By Chris | Published 2014/02/12

Want a way to start your night off right? Then you should think about checking out the NEW Marquee and SOHO on Xinyi Rd across from 101. Marquee is everything a lounge and classy restaurant should be. With a downtown Xinyi location, a swanky atmosphere, amazing house DJs, and a large bar with some of […]

By Chris | Published 2013/09/03

Imagine yourself in the prohibition era. If you want to get a drink, you needed to know not only the secret location of the speakeasy, but also someone who could get you in. Back to the present, sitting hidden on the second level of another nightlife spot across from Taipei 101, there is lounge that […]

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OTS Chess Club
By Chris | Published 2013/09/02

OTS Chess Club is unlike any other club in Taipei. Here, you will find a nightlife spot that is not only more exclusive and intimate than that of the big clubs, it is also the only place you can go to hear good hip-hop that isn’t off of the latest top 20. But, despite its […]

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Primo (again…)
By TT | Published 2013/08/06

The ATT (not 4 fun) building has come a long way over the years, and has seen a few club changes come and go. Now, OTS has taken over with Phoenix and it’s probably the best iteration the venue has seen yet. A nice open bar space with room for dancing and lounging, the club […]

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Sappho Live
By TT author | Published 2013/07/16

Sappho Live, a cool, friendly, laid back music venue with the finest in jazz/blues/world music and all night jam sessions, a dance floor, and all washed down with great cocktails, selected wines and beers, and tasty bar snacks. Quiet enough to chat, dark enough to get intimate, there’s live entertainment, and cool bar staff to […]

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Brown Sugar
By TT | Published 2013/05/01

Jazzy, hip, elegant; it doesn’t get much classier than Brown Sugar if you are looking for a more refined night out. With reservation-only seating, a menu of exquisite cuisine, a wine list that could even impress connoisseurs, and a house band that plays regularly, Brown Sugar is one of the most highly-cultured nightlife venues you […]

LMNT Drink & Eat
By Chris | Published 2013/03/04

Finding a lounge bar with the right mix of good music, drinks, design and atmosphere can be a daunting task. While most lounges in Taipei nail three of the four, it’s rare that you will get find a place that just does everything right. That’s why when Dazzling Champagne was revamped into LMNT, I was […]

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By RV | Published 2013/01/19

With over 60 hotels and resorts worldwide and counting, it’s no surprise that the W brand has taken it’s rightful place in the heart of Taipei’s hottest night spot of Xinyi District.  And as with every W estate, a WOOBAR is born… The Environment In keeping with W’s mantra of every property having their own […]

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By mike trends | Published 2012/11/12

If you’ve ever been walking around Neo19 on a Saturday night, then you’ve probably noticed the loud music and the big crowds surrounding Lava. This club has been a popular venue amongst the younger crowds for a couple years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re looking for an all you can […]

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Dolce: A Sweet Spot [closed :( ]
By TT | Published 2012/10/22

Taipei can be a bit of a dessert desert when trying to find finely-made pastries with unique, but more importantly, rich and delicious flavors. While there may be a lot of “cake” shops around town, except for a few patisseries such as Boîte de Bijou, there isn’t much in the way of expertly-crafted desserts. However, […]

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