12 Ways to Relax around Taipei
By Chris | Published 2015/09/02

I love city life, especially in Taipei, but spending most of your time among the scooter-filled streets and concrete jungle can start to grind on your nerves. The hustle builds up a little every day until it starts to wear on you. Moreover, it’s rare that you find a convenient place to visit in solitude […]

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DAVA Fitness: Be Better than Yesterday
By Lewis Clark | Published 2015/08/17

Fitness in Taipei is becoming more popular as people become educated on the benefits of being fit. And by fit, I mean healthy, not necessarily looking like the Hulk. At DAVA Fitness there are many different methods for getting in shape and staying that way! The newly-opened gym in the Neihu District offers individual/group/family classes […]

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GDS Play
By Chris | Published 2015/06/04

There are a lot of places for active life in Taiwan, from the many free basketball and tennis courts spread throughout the parks, to the badminton and squash courts that can be rented cheaply at many of the public gyms. However, it seems that these places are used less and less by our generation, and […]

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Fight for Your Dreams: Shuraba MMA
By Chris | Published 2015/04/24

Eliot Corley II has been in Taiwan’s MMA scene for some time now. Coming to Taiwan a little over 8 years ago, he has not only picked up some serious fighting skills and a lot of love for Taiwan’s community, but Eliot has also worked with or met just about everybody in the MMA industry […]

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High-Flying Humans: Peace Street Yoga
By Alexandra Hartline | Published 2015/02/13

Don’t watch that video. Now imagine yourself standing up straight with a complete stranger lying on their back before you with their feet on your hipbones. You tip forward, grasp hands, and suddenly you’re lifted into the air. Your legs are straight and engaged; your back is arched. Your partner has you steadily balanced on […]

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Dream Water
By Lewis Clark | Published 2014/10/02

Ever feel like you just need to get away from it all? It’s perfectly natural considering all of the unnatural stress and stimulus our bodies are subjected to everyday in the modern world. Problem is, we can’t always go on vacation, and even when we do, sometimes the process of traveling and worrying about work […]

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O3 Fitness = Physical Awesomeness
By Lewis Clark | Published 2014/08/20

I had the privilege of meeting Ethan “The Gentleman” Garcia a couple months ago at the PROFC 8 weigh-ins here in Taipei. He’s currently the manager and Muay Thai trainer for many rising Taiwanese pro MMA fighters. And to boot, Ethan is opening up a new, dynamic gym in Taipei: O3 Fitness. Being a fitness […]

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BoxFit brings CrossFit to Taiwan
By mike trends | Published 2014/05/26

If Internet surfing and taking selfies is part of your workout routine, then skip this article. If not, then strap on your headbands and grab a towel, because we’re going change the way you perceive fitness and we’re going to sweat… a lot. Get ready to rediscover fitness with CrossFit at BoxFit Taipei.

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Formosa Fitness
By Chris | Published 2013/12/12

Rows upon rows of fancy machines, fully-equipped spas, an energy drink bar, guys taking selfies of their “lifting” and updating facebook…yeah, Formosa Fitness doesn’t have any of that. Instead, what you’ll find is a place you go when you want to build muscle or drop fat quickly. A place where the average person, serious about […]

A Yoga Less Ordinary
By Bridget Di Certo | Published 2013/09/26

A Review of Taipei Hatha Bikram Yoga Classes by Bridget Di Certo The prospect of packing into a crowded room heated to about 40 degrees Celsius and twisting your body into a series of contortions worthy of Cirque du Soleil for 90 minutes while sweat pours down your body, your heart rate soars and you […]

Human Chess at Taiwan BJJ
By Lewis Clark | Published 2013/06/10

You caught me; I like to break a mental sweat, too. I meant Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), not reading the dictionary. BJJ is a martial art which was adapted from Judo (a Japanese martial art) in the early 1900s in Brazil. This style of self-defense demonstrates that a smaller, weaker person can effectively defend against a […]

Live to Play, Play to Live
By Lewis Clark | Published 2013/05/23

Do you have an old injury keeping you from playing in that rugby tournament? Or maybe it’s the back pain that’s keeping you up at night? Perhaps you’re interested in a more effective way of getting stronger and in better shape? If you do, then we might have a lot more in common than you […]

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