All around Taipei there are great places to admire and buy art. From locally made trinkets to international masterpieces, there is a place for everything.


Art² – The Double Square Gallery
By Chris | Published 2015/05/18



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VG Cafe
By Chris | Published 2014/01/02

Meeting a friend in an unassuming little alley just off of Fuxing South Rd, I found myself at a cafe that was also a lounge and an art gallery as well. The storefront was catching, but would have been easy to miss if I hadn’t been looking for it. After stepping foot into the cafe, […]

TFAM (Taipei Fine Art Museum)
By HuiPing | Published 2013/07/10

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum stands in the Flower Expo Park Art Park. From dawn to dusk, it is a great place for leisure and recreation. Here you can not only enjoy different kinds of museum exhibitions in this exclusive art space, but also have a stroll in the surrounding park and other attractions. Just […]

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MoNTUE (Museum of National Taipei University of Education)
By HuiPing | Published 2013/06/19

During the day, the MRT train on the brown line proceeds slowly ahead from Technology Building Station to Liuzhangli Station. While passing around the 90-degree corner on to Heping East Rd.,  you can see a modern building with a sculpture of an ear on it. This building is MoNTUE, a fine art museum. And even […]

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Yo Gallery
By HuiPing | Published 2013/02/28

The Zhongshan Metro Mall is an interesting enough find in and of itself. A huge underground complex running along the Danshui (淡水) MRT line, the mall is mostly a dedicated space for shops to sell creative local and international fashion and other goodies. Maybe quite unexpectedly however, is the overwhelming display of local art throughout […]

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MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)
By TT | Published 2011/09/21

Do you like art and inexpensive activities to keep you busy? Then you’ll love Taipei’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Not only is MOCA convenient, it’s also one of the cheapest ways to see new trends in art from all around the world. With new exhibitions opening every month or so, there is always something to […]

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