Der Löwe Bavarian Restaurant
By mike trends | Published 2013/03/28

Ever wondered where all of the great German restaurants are hiding in Taipei? Freshly ground bratwurst and sauerkraut aren’t easy to find in Taipei, but here’s a little secret: make your way to the area by ZhongXiao Dunhua MRT Station where you’ll find Der Löwe. Authentically German, the food and service in this restaurant are […]

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Mangiamo: Good Meats = Good Eats
By Sam H | Published 2013/01/25

Like something straight off of a European city street corner, the Mangiamo deli offers an astoundingly comprehensive mix of western-style meats, starting at basics like ribs and salami, and growing to more exotic selections of pancetta, coppa or chorizo. From the ground up, everything about Mangiamo screams quality, and it shows through in everything the […]

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