The Hammer
By Chris | Published 2015/06/02

There are a few secrets in Yonghe that are worth checking out if you are looking for a change of scenery. The Hammer is one of them. Close to the spot where the famous Frankie’s Pies used to be, The Hammer sits down a narrow alley, in a place that you would almost never venture […]

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Campus Cafe
By Chris | Published 2015/05/14

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get here. I first heard about Campus Cafe a while ago and it immediately peaked my interest: A North American college cafeteria style restaurant with a huge variety of delicious and inexpensive food to choose from. What’s not to love?

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My Beefy Paradise: Danny’s Steakhouse
By Chris | Published 2015/03/23

Happy Birthday to me! There’s only one thing I like better than a steak dinner, and that’s a steak dinner prepared in a wood-fired stove and cooked to perfection. If you are the kind of person, like me, who craves the taste of meat in a primal sort of way, then there is one fine-dining […]

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Fairy Cafe
By Chris | Published 2015/02/02

It’s not often that I find myself crawling through the back alleys in Xindian, but I was on a mission to finally find the cafe that so many people have told me about: Fairy Cafe. Imagine my surprise when after turning into the very industrial-looking neighborhood, I was actually greeted with a few very nice […]

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G’day Cafe
By TT | Published 2014/11/28

We love brunch, especially good brunch, so it’s always nice to find a new place with good food to fill our guts. G’day Cafe is by no means new, but it is definitely delicious. With lots of Western style breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner to choose from, G’day Cafe is one of our favorite places […]

Sublime Urban Bistro & Bar (& FBI HQ)
By Chris | Published 2014/07/09

As far as lounges go, there are quite a few in Taipei, all with their own little close knit communities and design quirks. But there is one place in the east area (東區) that is unlike anything else in the city. Not only does it have a cozy bar, chill atmosphere and a range of […]

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Dining Comes Alive at VIVO
By Chris | Published 2014/03/06

When I first heard Vivo was a Spanish Tapas place, I was imagining another quaint, fairly authentic, restaurant. One that serves to a group of few, but loyal customers. Really though, I mostly couldn’t get that strange, slightly unsettling, mask logo out of my mind. But as I have come to find, Vivo is not […]

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SOHO X Marquee
By Chris | Published 2014/02/12

Want a way to start your night off right? Then you should think about checking out the NEW Marquee and SOHO on Xinyi Rd across from 101. Marquee is everything a lounge and classy restaurant should be. With a downtown Xinyi location, a swanky atmosphere, amazing house DJs, and a large bar with some of […]

By Lewis Clark | Published 2014/02/11

What formally used to be Toast, is now known as Yiamas. This fantabulous Greek eatery, under new management, is located the Da’an district. In order to adhere to Greek cuisine, most of the food items from the Toast menu will be removed. However, its top sellers will remain on Yiamas’ menu because, well, that just […]

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Better Than Cheddar: Beer and Cheese
By Chris | Published 2014/01/14

Two of the oldest, most important substances ever created by man have traveled thousands of years and finally come together under one roof here in Taipei. Dating back nearly 10,000 years, the golden ambrosia duo known as known beer and cheese have always been, and will continue to be two of the most refined and […]

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Red Bull American Char-Grilled Steak
By Chris | Published 2013/09/13

A big ol’ juicy slab of beef, no sauce, no frills. While there are numerous, delicious versions of pulled pork, hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken, char-grilled steak will always be the centerpiece of American BBQ. Big, meaty and simple, steak reflects American culture pretty well, and for better or worse, a proper steak is what I’m craving […]

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Ed’s Diner
By Chris | Published 2013/08/22

Fresh slabs of juicy, tender, delicious meat. BBQ comes in a wonderful array of tasty styles, from Japanese grills with rich dipping sauces, to good ol’ fashioned American BBQ. However, if you are looking for the meatiest, juiciest, most savory, mouth-watering meat on the planet, then you would be hard-pressed to find anything as good […]

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