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Put Up or Shut Up: Let’s Learn Some Chinese!
By Lewis Clark | Published 2016/01/04

So you’ve been proclaiming that you are going to study Chinese for a while now. How long has it been? One month? One year? One decade? It’s no easy task to learn a language of tones and characters, and you know that, which is probably why you’ve been putting it off. But one day you’ll […]

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Dream Parade: A Fantastic Affair
By Caroline | Published 2015/11/08

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to partake in an event as a Samba dancer. I was a little baffled by the request, so I asked her to send me some information about what was going on. She sent me a screenshot of a flyer for an […]

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2015 Golden Horse Film Festival
By TT | Published 2015/10/30

It’s nearing the end of the year once again, which means the annual Golden Horse Film Festival is back and more exciting than ever! With more Taiwanese and international films than ever before, the film festival will start on Nov. 5-26, the festival will be showing films throughout all of Taipei and Yilan and eventually […]

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Resurrection 6 @ The Red House
By TTdude | Published 2015/10/01

When darkness falls across the land and the midnight hour is close at hand, it’s time once again for… RESURRECTION. For the sixth year in a row, this Halloween party has rocked Taipei’s Ximen District with awesome costumes, great music and real Halloween fun.

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Taipei Reaches Critical Mass (Cycling)
By Joe Fang | Published 2015/09/23

Often times, life in the city causes people to naturally conform to the civilization they live in, the popular values in society becoming the system by which all others lead their lives. In order to take a step out of this restraint and regain a sense of freedom every now and then, I rely on […]

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12 Ways to Relax around Taipei
By Chris | Published 2015/09/02

I love city life, especially in Taipei, but spending most of your time among the scooter-filled streets and concrete jungle can start to grind on your nerves. The hustle builds up a little every day until it starts to wear on you. Moreover, it’s rare that you find a convenient place to visit in solitude […]

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A Walk into Taipei’s Hidden History
By TTdude | Published 2015/08/24

Taipei might not be known for its ancient history, or its famous historical sites, but that’s what makes unearthing the secret spots all that much more enjoyable. For there are hidden spaces deep in the alleys and hidden behind the layers of modern Taipei City, most of them originating along the Danshui River.

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What NT$15,000 Rent Gets You around Taiwan and Asia
By Sylvie Tran | Published 2015/08/12

Recently while looking for houses in Taipei I started thinking to myself, like many of us probably have, “I wonder what kind of awesome deals I could find around Taiwan for the same budget.” So I did some digging around Taiwan’s major cities, and then thought while am at it “Why not check out other […]

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10 Things Not to Do in Taipei
By Chris | Published 2015/07/30

(中文) 一直覺得台北無法像許多大城市一樣,以歷史古蹟、多樣的文化與宏偉的建築聞名,實在是一件可惜的事,因為這些豐富的文化資產,的的確確存在於台北之中。台北缺乏深度文化可能的原因,除了二戰後國民政府接收台灣,有一段箝制人民思想的過往外,或許也跟現在許多台北人像外地遊客一樣,偏好摩登的商圈與旅遊景點,而把台北擁有的歷史都拋諸腦後有關。

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Bloch Beer: From Shoe Shiner to Brew Master
By Chris | Published 2015/06/11

What does it take to be a brew master? Well, if you were a German brewer, maybe you would start with an old-school apprenticeship in the heart of Bavarian beer brewing country, learning the 1000 year old trade of bocks, lagers, and dark beers, and slowly working your way up the ranks. But that wouldn’t […]

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By Lewis Clark | Published 2015/04/13

Taipei, are you ready???  On Saturday, May 9, PRO FC is stepping it up yet again to a bigger and more explosive venue this year! From fighters new to PRO FC and PRO FC veterans, the Pacific Rim is debuting its FIRST female fight! One of them is Taiwanese!!

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Story Slam @ Sappho
By Adam Hatch | Published 2015/02/25

  One point of pride for Taipei is its relatively robust nightlife. There is almost a glut of clubs, lounges, venues, and pubs for locals and expats alike to unwind on the weekend. Still, it can get monotonous. Story Slam at Sappho Live, however, is an encouraging development on the scene.

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