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Taiwan Receipt Lottery Numbers!!!
By Lewis Clark | Published 2016/01/26

You don’t know how excited I am to possibly cash in on the Taiwan Lottery receipts! So, I want to give the rest of the Taiwan community the most up-to-date place to cash in!! I’ve had a harder time finding a consistent website that offers the links to the Taiwan receipt lottery the displays the […]

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Islam in Taiwan
By Adam Hatch | Published 2015/12/29

Chinese Admiral Zheng He (鄭和) is one of the most important explorers and navigators in human history, having led expeditions from the Chinese coast to ports as far-flung as India, the Arabian Peninsula, and Africa. Less well known is that he was a practicing Muslim, a member of the Hui minority in Yunnan province during […]

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Taipei Before and After
By Chris | Published 2015/11/25

Recently, as I was browsing the internet for fun, I noticed an article by Travelog with cool side by comparisons of some of the most well known landmarks from Taipei before and after shots. I had a bunch of images I had collected for an old article and thought it would be cool to put them to […]

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Wulai Deals with Typhoon Soudelor’s Aftermath
By Chris | Published 2015/10/13

Since Typhoon Soudelor stuck the island, Taiwan is still dealing with the mess left behind. However, Wulai has been hit the worst, with multiple major landslides and floods, causing cars, roads and even large buildings to be swept away.

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Taipei Reaches Critical Mass (Cycling)
By Joe Fang | Published 2015/09/23

Often times, life in the city causes people to naturally conform to the civilization they live in, the popular values in society becoming the system by which all others lead their lives. In order to take a step out of this restraint and regain a sense of freedom every now and then, I rely on […]

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14 Days of Life in Dulan
By Angela Tsai | Published 2015/08/26

When I told the people around me that I was headed to Dulan to work at a hostel, one friend responded “How long are you going? Taitung is so boring!” To be completely honest, even in my twenty-something years in Taiwan, I hadn’t once set foot in the South East. Even if everyone else and […]

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10 Things to Avoid During Ghost Month!
By Chris | Published 2015/08/17

Everywhere has their superstitions, but Taiwan is chalk full of lots of things you should or shouldn’t do, from whistling at night to not trimming your mole hair. But now that’s it’s ghost month, there are a lot more things to avoid so that you can steer clear of the spirits. Check them out here!

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Easy as A Б 西 (ABC)
By Lewis Clark | Published 2015/07/14

Wanna know how to speak any language like a native (insert desired nationality)? I studied the Spanish language from a text book and native speakers for nearly 8 years. Before my volunteer experience in the Dominican Republic, I thought my language abilities would be spot on. But oh was I ever wrong!! The accent and […]

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Long Live the Queen’s Head
By Chris | Published 2015/05/26

Off with her head! Or on? That’s the question the Taiwan government asked the public in late 2013. Should they take efforts to save the national monument from its ever decreasing neck size or just leave it to nature? The response they were met with was an overwhelming “Yeah, ok I guess so…or whatever.”

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Matsu’s Glowing Seas
By Chris | Published 2015/05/23

The Maldives have long been known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, especially in Spring when the bio-luminescent algae give the beaches an otherworldly blue glow at night. Well, it turns out Taiwan has a secret season as well.

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Wine & Dine: Taiwan Style
By Chris | Published 2015/05/21

Wine is becoming ever more popular around Taiwan, especially since one of it’s wines is now world famous. But choosing the right wine for your meal is key to making it go down smoothly, as a good pairing will elevate both the flavor of the wine and the meal itself. However, more often than not, […]

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Taiwanese Wine Wins #1 in London
By Chris | Published 2015/05/15

Not only is Taiwan’s whiskey on point, after winning the gold medal at last year’s Vinalies Internationales in Paris, the Taiwanese made Shu-Sheug wine has also just been awarded the top prize in London’s International Wine Challenge, beating out 14,000 other wines from around the world.

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