Double the Sound, Twice the Fun: Groovy Duo Speakers
By Chris | Published 2014/09/10

Portable speakers are everywhere these days. From the ultra-portable compact speakers to the heavier high-end speakers that barely qualify as portable, there is a shape and size for everyone out there. Digging around the muck and figuring out what is good quality is a tough job, especially in Taiwan where gimmicks are a dime a […]

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Headphone Review: Clouds & Greek Gods
By Chris | Published 2014/09/04

Having a good headset is essential for proper music listening, for movie watching, for game playing and for blocking out everyone around you when you need some private time. Sifting through scores of headphones can be rough, especially in today’s market where shiny packages sell, and the quality of headphones is now judged on how […]

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Chillax! Cool Your Laptop and More: Ergostand III
By Chris | Published 2014/09/02

Is your laptop getting hot in this Taipei summer heat? My tech buddy introduced me to this nifty Taiwan-made laptop cooling pad made by Cooler Master. Something I didn’t even know I was looking for, the Ergostand III is the all new ergonomic laptop cooling pad, that cools down your over-heated computer, gives you more […]

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